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    Oculus Rift Purchased by Facebook

  2. seal160

    Anyone try Splinter Cell: Blacklist yet?

    I have black list, I got it free with my 780, It is not like the classic splinter cells which I was hoping it would be... I mean classic by the originals up until Chaos theory.. where stealth was crucial and you really couldn't COD with unsilenced weapons or get hit more than once Basically it is kind of like a Conviction part 2... with the aimbot ability... oops I mean.. "Execute" There are plenty of cool moves and things you can do, but for some odd reason the character models dont seem "Solid" to me, they feel hollow. The campaign has options for co-op, such as a dual action tumbler locked door that requires 2 people, however you can always just go around and find another route. Story.... AH story... remember Sam's Daughter Sarah in Double Agent that died? .. Well after the first intro mission the first thing you can do is call her.. so apparently they are throwing story out the window. Lambert is not there and your under the orders of Grimsdaughter and her team of what seem to be since conviction, reverse aging members (I want to punch the tech guy in the face).. I swear in the next splinter cell game you will be with 19 year olds as your "support team" The game kinda feels like it was going after the stereotypical COD audience while trying to vaguely keep the interest of past splinter cell fans too buy the game and see if anything has changed. You can customize your loadouts and your appearances in the campaign (Because having blue lights on your goggles is cool..). Maybe I am bias, but when I used to play the splintercell franchise, it was about stealth, diversions and espionage. I couldnt just Aimbot 5 guys and press a button and simultaneously "execute" them with my spidy senses, I had to Aim.. and I didnt have a pocket crossbow that shot sticky shocker silent bolts either.. -_- And my favorite move, the railing grab + pull over / out of windows (from chaos theory and double agent) apparently cannot be done anymore. (or at least I havent been able to figure it out yet) I used to play spys vs mercs alot on xbox, but honestly I havent touched it yet. =============================================================================================== My two cents after playing some missions... I really feel like the character models or something in this splinter cell arent right, they feel very hollow and not solid bodied. The fact that I am wearing a skintight spy suit and have 3 weapons and a ton of gadgets is kind of far-fetched (remember the old days when you WISH you had an extra sticky shocker and dreaded the stalk on a guard?) The ability to 1 hit kill 4 people on the field after I mark them is a dumb feature IMO I liked the original splinter cell because Sam, the support team and everyone seemed experianced and older.. now they all, including characters from the original seem to be getting younger The controls make you want to throw your keyboard out your window Conviction 2.0 .. Cover system.. this isnt an guns-blazing action game.. I thought it was stealth..? Sam's Dead Daughter.. NSA must have zombified her and brought her back Go ahead, go guns blazing with no silencer, you can just "mark" them and execute them if they put on more body armor anyways.. Customizing my outfit.. Gotta show off my pink goggles with my hello kitty skin suit. Got shot? Just go wait it out.. health kits are too hard for kids to find these days /ramble Basically if you liked the original splinter cells, (Splinter cell,Pandora, Chaos theory, and Double agent) I wouldnt recommend this, especially if you didnt like Conviction. If you liked conviction, you can give this a shot. Related: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/623664 -Seal160
  3. I thought for the longest time that I lost my account on here, All you really have to do is type in your account name in the login, and change the password / I forgot my password and you will be able to reset it and follow a procedure via email. I am sure this is stated somewhere, but I Dun Do Dat Reading thing very well, and just thought I may post this to help others who maybe in the same situation. :) -Seal160
  4. seal160

    Humble Bundle

    Guys seriously Donate $5 and get BF3 and Sims 3 as well! ------------------------------------------- I got Mirror's Edge, Deadspace 1 & 3 , Crysis 2, Burnout and Medal of honor for donating! Be sure to jump on this meow... Also all the above minus BF3, Sims 3 and Deadspace 3 -- EA IS OFFERING STEAM CODES FOR So GO GO GO https://www.humblebundle.com/
  5. seal160

    Icecream trucks and troll-lol-lol-lol-ing !!!

    Swags, I hold my ipod up to the mic and put all my sound effects in a playlist
  6. seal160

    PS2 Humor

    On this Episode of Planet Derp 2 New TR Buff 25 Year Wait time for "Continent" The suits cut me a bonus check.... About damn time...
  7. seal160

    PS2 Humor

  8. seal160

    What are you currently reading?

    Foundation by Isaac Asimov So far there are an EXTREME number of Mass-Effect, Starwars and any space-odyssey game / movie references in it. I honestly have to say this book is one of the best I have read in a very long time.
  9. seal160

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    The way its meant to be celebrated! http://youtu.be/9AfHAfhrWBg At least this is usually my case
  10. seal160

    PS2 Humor

    REMEMBER!!!! NC!! REMEMBER.. http://youtu.be/kBYlJ7MIHuQ
  11. seal160

    PS2 Humor

    Hey Big Rob! " :D " : D
  12. seal160

    PS2 Humor

    A battlefield Expansion Soundpack that I would love to buy (If only...) NES - Battlefield http://youtu.be/7c1PBufdfcE
  13. seal160

    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    /signs large and illegibly But seriously, I agree
  14. seal160

    PS2 Humor

    The creators of Crytek made it as part of their "Out take" series... Maj. Strickland is such an awesome character.
  15. seal160

    Icecream trucks and troll-lol-lol-lol-ing !!!

    Hahaha that is hilarious! Yea I try to lighten things up alot in game :) Perfect timing with the imperial music eh? Lmao Also,