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  1. Look at it this way: They create an XL band. You buy it. You lose weight. Your wrist size decreases due to said weight loss. You now own a $129 over-sized band that flops all over the place. Now you have to buy a smaller sized band. If you plan on using the food tracking portion of Jawbone UP, you won't have to worry about the size for too long.
  2. Keith

    Apparently, The Cupcake Is Dying

    Gourmet cupcakes will never die.
  3. What if their wrist is cut off? What then?
  4. Well, it is an Android phone, so...there's that.
  5. Keith

    FEZ PRO SHO: Week #12, 2013

    And I have to have my phone there as well! It's controlling all of our weather!
  6. I feel like the window of success for an ID4 sequel is long gone. That's probably why no one will touch it.
  7. Hey Eagle! How goes it? On topic, looking forward to filming tonight's show!
  8. Keith

    What's your dream car?

    We all have that one car we've been dreaming of driving down a curvacious road. What would you proudly sport? My dream car is a tie between a DeLorean and the Ecto-1. Ok, they're quite childish, but I stand firmly with my choice.
  9. Keith

    The top games YOU are WORRIED about.

    I think Halo 4 will be fun. Will it be a completely different game? No. It's just going to be another FPS sequel to Halo. I don't expect to have my mind blown. But I do expect an enjoyable story, and I think they'll deliver.
  10. When I updated to iOS 6 on my iPad, they removed the YouTube app. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best YouTube app I've ever had the chance to use. But it was way better than using Safari or Chrome. WTF APPLE
  11. Keith

    Why have I never heard of Turbografx-16?

    Sewer Sharks was horrible. Actually every Sega CD game minus Sonic CD was retarded.
  12. Keith

    Black Mesa Source is out!

    I never played the first one, so Black Mesa is pretty awesome.
  13. Keith

    Amazon Kindle HD's new 4G Data plan sucks

    So far, no announcement for mini ipad...
  14. Keith

    Amazon Kindle HD's new 4G Data plan sucks

    The Kindle Fire HD's look pretty cool. I'd never buy the 4G one though. Then again I'd never buy a tablet that has that kind of function because of how prominent wi-fi is. That and tethering.
  15. Keith

    CrossFit, it does a body good

    Like many, I've purchased P90, P90X, and Insanity and finished them all. After going through each program, there's always that longing question that pops right infront of your face -- what now? Sure, you could always start another round of P90X, but from experience it gets incredibly boring and uninspiring. CrossFit changed everything. A quip from the "box" I go to (CrossFit Tempest): From wikipedias entry: CrossFit is never boring because A. I never know what I'll be doing until I get there and B. There's a professional coach that pushes/motivates me to the edge. So if you're like me, someone who is bored of working out infront of a TV, visit crossfit.com and look for a local affiliate.
  16. Awesome. Another attack on the Catholic Church. Funny how you don't see a film against the religion of Islam.
  17. Alright! Now I can fill up my HDD with games I'll never play again!
  18. I don't think the current administration would feel as threatened with Ron as they are with Romney/Ryan. And I'd rather have a successful business man leading the country than a doctor right now. Perhaps when things are better financially, he'd have a chance. There's just too much riding on this election to be that risky.
  19. It was a refreshingly odd break from the rest of the speeches. Other than his awkward adlibbing, the comprehendable parts were spot on. After thinking about it, the empty chair looks to represent Obama's leadership and possibly what he's done to improve the financial crisis.
  20. Keith

    Keith's new commercial!!!!

    It's funny you say that, considering I had to pretend the guy was the waitress THE ENTIRE TIME. She didn't show up until after my stuff was shot.
  21. Keith

    Keith's new commercial!!!!

    They are EVERYWHERE.