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  1. Aggrieved

    RIDDICK ???

    You will enjoy Pitch Black also. Much of the dialog in Cronicles is explained if your watch Pitch Black.
  2. Aggrieved

    Exercise to Audio Books....or Podcasts......?

    More like 84 weeks if you exercise 1 hour a day, five days a week. That man could write, and write, and write, and write. I have the whole series on cd and listen to them on my afternoon commute. Must have listened to book one 8 times now as the new books came out. Just finishing the last book now. As for non-fiction books I would recommend any of Hawkings. Above my head some (most) of the time, but I never would have sat down to actually read them. Or any non-fiction for that matter. Podcasts... If you like coast to coast, for the tech and not the weird, try out SocialEngineering.com the podcast. It will open your eyes. They deal with pentesting and how to prep for pen testing. They once interviewed a identity thief who caught their attention by pulling together some sensitive info on one of the hosts. They were blowing the guy off until then. Scary stuff
  3. Aggrieved

    Unix Laptop: Achievement Unlocked

    I had Ubuntu on my eee pc as a dual boot. Worked perfectly until my wife dropped it :( . I was surprised at how easy it was. The last time I had Linux on a laptop was 14 years ago (Slackware). It worked but was a pain to keep current.
  4. Aggrieved

    Sons of Odin - Weekly Schedule 12 August 2013

    Playing the repeat game with yourself there Farva?
  5. Aggrieved

    Unix Laptop: Achievement Unlocked

    To me... Free UNIX is like model trains as a hobby. The fun is putting it all together and getting it working. Once you have it working the fun is over. Linux is the same way if you are compiling you own executables.
  6. Aggrieved

    Can you spot it?

    @chillydog I think that acid you dropped, seven years ago, just caught up with you :)
  7. Aggrieved

    Forum Reorganization

  8. Aggrieved

    Forum Guidelines