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  1. Google’s ‘Heart Murmur’ Reminds Us How Dependent We Are

    I only use Bing, never noticed.
  2. ‘Elysium’ Review: A Worthwhile Action Flick

    Now that's a porno I can sink my teeth into.
  3. ‘Elysium’ Review: A Worthwhile Action Flick

    Movie looks cool visually but is the same 'ol, "the rich be da evil" story that has been told to death.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    The thing he is looking for is a Job, duh.
  5. I'm still this fresh

  6. MEPIS Linux: it just works

    Lol, they're on version 7.2 now. The boot sequence isn't much different though. I know I was just messing with ya. ;)
  7. Introduce Yourself!

    From what I hear he likes to play chess and screw.
  8. An Inside Examination Of Primary Elements Of Michael Kors Outlet

    I picked the wrong week to stop banging chickens.
  9. Introduce Yourself!

    You're crazy.
  10. MEPIS Linux: it just works

  11. MEPIS Linux: it just works

    Interesting, I have a desktop lying around. I might give this a try. Last version of Debian I used was Potato. Ahh memories.