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  2. xirma377

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I saw a picture of a burger and now I really want one....mmmm Carl's Jr.
  3. xirma377


    Pacific Rim was a pleasant surprise! I went to the movie with a friend and we both had very low expectations. We figured it would be your usual "B" movie. We thoroughly enjoyed it though! It had it's cheesy moments, but was an overall good movie.
  4. xirma377

    Windows 10 is coming out, what do ya techies think?

    Thought I should follow up with my last post... In the latest Tech Preview of Windows 10, they improved on the virtual desktop functionality! You can now click+drag apps from one desktop to another. There are other improvements, but you can google those if you'd like. ;) Also, I forgot to mention I agree. Microsoft gave us an OS they didn't follow through with. So we ended up with a half "modern UI" half classic Windows experience. The lines were blurred...in a bad way. However, I do feel that Windows 8.1 fixed most, if not all, the errors Microsoft made in the Windows 8 initial release.
  5. xirma377

    Windows 7 or 8?

    On one of these threads somewhere I wrote my thoughts on Windows 8... But to answer the real question, 64-bit all the way. As Carson mentioned, 64 bit has been largely supported since Vista. That was the first retail release of 64bit Windows. Modernly...32bit only has the advantage if you use 16bit apps... As for Windows 8...I'm using 8.1 without any crazy settings adjustments. Getting used to a different "start menu" is the only major hurdle. There are many technical improvements that sold me on it. Faster boot up time, great performance, fantastic power-user tools... Plus, if you use the Microsoft eco-system (which, as a google fanboy, I have to admit is sweet) you'll love 8 even more.
  6. xirma377

    Humble Bundle

    No, there are gifting options.
  7. xirma377

    Windows 10 is coming out, what do ya techies think?

    Honestly though...can you blame them for forcing an upgrade? It takes a lot of money to keep supporting legacy operating systems. Let's face it...come Windows 10, Windows 7 will be considered "legacy". Windows 7 HP is already end of support. I have used the tech preview of Windows 10 and I like it. Now before I go further, I should note that I love Windows 8.1. I never use the new Start Screen and I have no problems using the desktop. I love the new "power user" menu that you get with right-clicking the start button or pressing Windows+X. Windows 10 brings many visual improvements. For starters...the window border is now only 1px wide. There are other UI improvements that you can read about too. One of the biggest improvements are in the "snap" features. You can now snap to quadrants instead of just halves. There are also suggestions made when you snap the first window, suggesting a second window to snap beside the first. Along with these changes, there are now virtual desktops. While I think they need some improvement in the way they behave, it's a start. This will be nice for power-multitaskers and those with only a single monitor. For anyone thinking that they "brought back the start menu", you may be disappointed. Essentially, the new "start menu" is the exact same thing as in Windows 8...except it's smaller and looks like a "menu" instead of a full screen thing-a-mah-jig. As techies, I hope you realize that the complaints over the Windows 8 "start screen" are unfounded...due to the fact it operates nearly identically to the Windows 7 (and previous) start menus. Personally...I use the start menu in this fashion - Press Windows on keyboard, type an application, press enter. I can do the exact same thing on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The media has obviously latched on to the "Windows 8 sucks" bandwagon for ratings. Technically, Windows 8 is fantastic! I am excited to see what they have improved upon in Windows 10. So far...it looks great!
  8. xirma377

    World Record 1000yd Shot - With a 9mm

    Man those spam bots...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome spambots!
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    Firearm instructor

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    Introduce Yourself!

  12. xirma377

    LAZORS! Weaponized LAZORS!

    Wow. That's intense.
  13. xirma377

    Bing bang BASH. Unix Strikes Again!

    Heartbleed actually wasn't that bad either...not very "infectious", if that word applies to computer malware. I suppose these bits of malware are considered dangerous because of the threat they pose POST-infection. The Crypto-locker variants are particularly nasty though, if I say so myself. Lesson to be learned...unplug your backup drive when you aren't using it! Also...stop opening random PDF attachments.
  14. xirma377

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Mmm artichokes