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  1. Tiskahar

    Introduce Yourself!

    Indeed! Much Welcome!
  2. Tiskahar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    and so a goth phase begins
  3. Tiskahar

    World Record 1000yd Shot - With a 9mm

    why so slow? ugh. boo.
  4. Tiskahar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    like thistles?
  5. Tiskahar

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello. My name is Weird, and I'm an Al..cohlic. I'M THE WEIRD ONE!
  6. Tiskahar

    Couldn't access forums

    I wasn't having problems until a couple days ago. I stopped using a privatizer for my web traffic and suddenly -bam- no banhammer. I did a tracert and it timed out at springhosting.net. I turn on my privatizer and -bam- banhammer works again. I have no idea why it decided that it doesn't want to serve me but, it definitely seems like the host is being selective about who to serve.
  7. Tiskahar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Needs more iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  8. Tiskahar

    What are you currently reading?

    "Is it warm and wet? There's your answer." Don't know how they got a whole book out of that..
  9. Tiskahar

    The Future Of These Forums - Please Read

    Yea, bro, you might want to get that checked out..
  10. Tiskahar

    Can you spot it?

    yea just watch out. at my first restaurant job, one of the dishwashers got dishwashing detergent in his eye, and it had pumice ash in it. Fucked his eye up real good.
  11. Tiskahar

    Forum Guidelines