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  1. Dukaht

    AMD Catalyst driver and Raptr

    I installed the new AMD Catalyst video driver and it now installs a game distribution service called Raptr. Raptr also works with your system to optimize games for AMD graphics cards. So I decide to not uninstall it immediately and see how it does. It does seem to improve my PS2 gameplay a bit, slightly higher framerate. However, I also noticed my entire computer system freezes momentarily, fairly often. I've given it a day to see if anything changes but it's the same today as yesterday. So I uninstalled Raptr. Most all of the OS freezes have gone away. I'm wondering if anyone else with AMD cards is having the same experience?
  2. Dukaht

    Coders Needed?

    Ok hold on a sec, is this for real or just spam or trolling? If this is a genuine request, you've left a ton of information out. First off, try to use the term developer or programmer - coder might not have anything to do with software design. And what do you need programmers for? Is it for a game? The web site? Database? Excel spreadsheets? And what is Altis Life? My Google search landed me here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168139-Altis-Life-RPG Now that is a pretty good post. How hard is it to copy and paste that post here?
  3. Dukaht

    Entrepreneurial advice?

    I'm familiar with the reluctance to spend money, but when you start forking out $1000 a pop for each computer setup, and doing that 5 or 10 times, then buying backup parts and supplies, $100 in a good investment won't even make you flinch. My first recommendation is buy Business Plan Pro: http://www.businessplanpro.com/template_offer_lt/?pdv=c I bought this back in 2006 when I was writing my first business plan. It guides you step by step through the plan creation process. It has hundreds of examples that will help inspire your own business vision. It teaches you about each section of the business plan and why it's important. And it's just a damn good piece of software, really well made. It's so much more then an organizational tool, it teaches you. And keep in mind, a business plan is a lot like a resume. You'll think of things to add from time to time. And every time you go back and read it you'll change the wording slightly or add something new. My second recommendation is to look for any local organization that helps with small businesses. Where I live we had the SBDC (Small Business Development Center). It was funded 100% by the local University and their services were free to any new or small business. They had business counselors that helped me a lot in pointing me in the right direction. They had classes that taught things like how to setup a corporation and why it's important. And they had a loan specialist that helped us connect with a bank to secure a loan underwritten by the SBA (Small Business Administration). In fact you might want to look up the SBA website and see if they recommend any business assistance organizations in your local area. The whole point of the SBA is to help small businesses.
  4. Dukaht

    Firearm instructor

    http://rare.us/story/this-gun-instructors-skills-will-blow-your-mind/ Article title is a bit over dramatic, but he does have skills
  5. Dukaht

    Entrepreneurial advice?

    I have been a part of a few start up businesses, and in 2007 I started a business with my girlfriend at the time. The business did very well and is still successful today, but our relationship did not. But that's ok, it's for the best. My point is that I believe I did a lot of things right and definitely would recommend a few things. Two of the most important pieces of advice for ANY new business: 1) Write a business plan Yes it's a pain in the ass, but the all the shit that you have to think about when writing a business plan is the very same exact shit you're going to have to think about eventually while creating the business. That is very important to understand. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT ANYWAY. I can't emphasize this enough. Get started on it now and write it down in your business plan. The sooner you start addressing the details of WHAT your business is going to do and HOW it's going to do it, then the sooner you'll start hammering out the details and uncovering problems and hurdles to overcome. One the the very cool concepts with problem solving is what I like to call marination time. When you encounter a problem, you might not always figure it out immediately, and that's ok. Give it some time, sleep on it, let it gestate in your mind. You'll come up with the solution eventually, and then you'll come up with another later on that is even better. And this is exactly why you need to write the business plan right now! You start encountering the problems right now and it gives your mind time to think about them. And don't skip the Pro Forma - it's the part of the business plan where you estimate your revenue vs expenses, and then you project growth over time. Yes it's pain in the ass on top of the business plan pain in the ass. But it is very important in visualizing the life blood of your business - cash in and cash out. 2) Begin day 1 with accounting software I personally love Quickbooks. I think it is the best accounting software for any small to medium size business. Also, as a software developer, I think Quickbooks has one of the very best user interfaces of any program. I have over 30 years of experience using software and computers, and Quickbooks is one of the best I've ever seen. And it's cheap! I think Quickbooks Pro is about $200 – one of the best investments for a new business. But that's actually secondary to the main point: You need to be able to track all the numbers from day 1. You can't possibly know if you're business is successful if you don't know what money is coming in or going out. And it's not just as simple as watching your bank account and reconciling your checkbook. You have fixed incomes and fixed expenses, you have variable incomes and variable expenses. You have liabilities, where you owe money in 30/60/90 days or are making payments. You have receivables, people owing you money that you need reminders for. And then you have inventory. How much revenue are those computers generating for you? If you add 5 more, will it increase revenue or only increase expenses? How many computers are not actually being used? What are the usage patterns of your computers? As the owner, you are going to WANT this information and Quickbooks will help you track and organize it to help you determine if you're actually making any profit. BTW profit != revenue and revenue != profit, please don't confuse these terms. A lot of small businesses fold because of this. I've got more advice for you soon, I'll post it later. And I think you're idea is fantastic. In fact I had pondered almost the exact same idea myself, but other opportunities have come up in the past 4 months.
  6. Dukaht

    Frozen Synapse on sale

    Very, very cool top down tactical with multiplayer. On sale through Steam 80% off, only $5
  7. Dukaht

    Civilization: Beyond Earth

    For the Civ fans out there
  8. Dukaht

    Limit Theory

    First and foremost, this game is not Star Citizen, nor is it trying to be Star Citizen. Who has heard of Limit Theory? Limit Theory I just learned about it yesterday and proceeded to watch every youtube video he's made so far. For those that don't know about it, I'll try and sum it up: Imagine the game Freelancer, now instead of a designed universe, everything is procedurally generated...and I mean everything, planets, asteroids, stars, debris fields, nebulae, solar systems, etc. But it doesn't stop there, ALL ships and space stations are procedurally generated, enemies, friendlies, AI controlled merchants, traders, military...all factions. All missions are procedurally generated based on need. Who needs? Well that's based on the economy, a real economy based on supply and demand. Who creates the supply? Everyone, AI and you do. Who creates the demand. The same, AI and you do.And that is because.... dun dun dun!....crafting. Yes, imagine Freelancer, but everything is procedurally generated AND it has crafting of weapons, materials, tools, ships Oh yeah, you'll be designing your own ships too, shaping volumetric structures, designating hard points and thruster points. The game will create hundreds or thousands of procedurally generated ships, but you can also design them. And you can own more then one ship, actually you can own a fleet, and command that fleet. You can own space stations and bases. He's been working on the game for about a year and a half, getting funded through Kickstarter. He keeps a dev journal and once a month he'll post a video update where he talks about all the new stuff that's been added. And he's very active with his community, made several changes during development based on feedback. And the thing I really like about his videos is that he's always upbeat and enthusiastic about what he's working on. At no point is he slowing down or losing interest. In fact just the opposite, he seems to get excited and more motivated as the game becomes more defined. This is what indy game design is all about. If this interests you at all, go watch his videos and you'll learn tons about what he's done so far and all the goals he has for the game. Limit Theory Youtube channel He's estimating a release date this summer. He has already stated that the first release will be single player only. He wants to get the game out to the backers without slowing it down trying to incorporate multiplayer. But he's probably going to build that into a future release.
  9. Dukaht

    Goat Simulator looks amazing

    "I just want to point out that Goat Simulator has a Field of View slider and Call of Duty Ghosts doesn't. If that doesn't speak to the glaring incopetance of Infinity Ward, I don't know what does." Ouch
  10. Dukaht

    Goat Simulator looks amazing

    Yeah serious, how could you NOT like this game, it's got everything
  11. Dukaht

    Oculus Rift Purchased by Facebook

    Yup http://notch.net/2014/03/virtual-reality-is-going-to-change-the-world/
  12. Dukaht

    Oculus Rift Purchased by Facebook

    "In a post to Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the acquisition and reinforced the company's commitment to gaming experiences, and stated that Oculus will continue to operate independently." No doubt the community will be keeping a close eye on that commitment
  13. Dukaht

    Bot Bait

    Oh that kind of baiting...wow this thread was disappointing
  14. Dukaht

    NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward: WOW

    I got free Viagra!
  15. Dukaht

    ArmaIII on Sale on Steam

    It might be, but I highly doubt it will be cheaper, or it might go to %50 off, which is barely different. And right now Odin needs more ArmaIII people for Project Valhalla