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    Windows 8 Review: A Modern Experiment

    The windows + X key is your best friend if you're using a mouse and keyboard instead of a tablet.
  2. Probably the best review I've read on this site. Keep it up.
  3. Dad

    Terra Nova

    Anyone else watching this? I'm trying very hard not to hate this show, but every time I watch it, it slaps me in the face with the flacid cock of formulatic plots. Suggestions on sci-fi dramas about pre-historic time travel: 1. Armored Dune buggies and manicured bad-guys (Sixers) who look like well manicured Kiss groupies sporting spray painted nerf guns http://io9.com/5851122/the-most-expensive-show-on-television-uses-nerf-guns-as-props'>http://io9.com/5851122/the-most-expensive-show-on-television-uses-nerf-guns-as-props is just not going to cut it. When the Sixers, they need to stomp in riding a goddamned Tyrannosarus. They need to look like people who have spent at least one night sleeping outside. Who decided that we needed a subversive human enemy instead of JUST the environment anyway? What does it add, except a way to tell generic stories that could take place equally well in the Wild West, the Post-Apocalyptic Future, or present day third world countries? It's just lazy plot manufacturing. 2. MOAR GODDAMNED DINOSAURS. Last week's episode had one dinosaur in it. ONE. And it was an irrelevant afterthought, a meaningless prop that could just as easily been a hungry dog, or bear, or not even there at all. I want to see bugs. I want to see pre historic plant life. I want stories that can ONLY TAKE PLACE in the science fiction setting in which we find ourselves in Terra Nova. Instead I get goofy ass stories about entirely too well groomed families living in houses with see-through walls, a lippy rip-off of Newt from Aliens 2, artificially convoluted teasers about a vast conspiracy that promises the show will be more interesting later, and two dimensional characters that make me want to puch my TV. The only thing that doesn't completely suck about this show is Stephen Lang. He's the only one that acts like he's actually in a remotely hostile environment. And even he's an idiot. Start yourself a nice forest fire, and scorch the earth for a mile perimeter around your settlement. Set yourself up a nice little kill zone. No more problems with chicken dinosarus. No more problems with Sixers. Plenty of room to start planting crops. Easy to see the dinosaurs coming. I could rant for an hour about this show. But I'll leave off for now as work beckons.
  4. Dad

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello my name is Jimmy Pop and I'm a dumb white guy. I'm not old or new but middle school; fifth grade, like junior high. Wait. Wrong thread. And who is Jimmy?
  5. Dad

    What's your dream car?

    I always wanted a Tesla Roadster. Not because I'm a hippy, only because it's an actual bad ass electric car.
  6. It must be said...Well, this orgy sure is off to a slow start.
  7. Dad

    FEZ SC5 night?

    You guys want to get together and get a SC5 lobby togehter to test the online features? They have spectator mode and a lobby, and from what I see it's hawt. Anyone want to schedule a playtime?
  8. Dad

    BRB killing dragons

    BRB killing dragons.
  9. Interestingly, Kagan is being called upon to recuse herself. If she chooses not to, and a petition is filed to have her recused, who reviews it? AAAAH!
  10. Dad

    BRB killing dragons

    I'm going straight up two fisted tank. I have an orc that looks a lot like my dog. Don't forget to save y'all.
  11. Dad

    Introduce Yourself!

    I love stuff.
  12. a lot of folks in Dallas said they felt it. I did not.
  13. Dad

    It's Full Album Sunday

    My only album today is full of Franziska Facella. And it's a pretty vast album.
  14. Dad


    Speaking of stalking Rob, where the FUCK did my TWD comments go?
  15. Dad


    Why the hell can't I log onto the forum and then post a comment on the website? AAAAH! ROB HOW CAN I STALK YOU ANONYMOUSLY?
  16. You could run on the N N N plan.
  17. Dad


    No, the law is that you only have to wash your hands after wiping the ass of the guy who works at 7-11. I'm sorry if I worded that poorly.
  18. Dad


    There's also laws saying they have to wash their hands after wiping their ass before making the hotdogs and servicing the slurpee machines at 7-11. Laws? WE DONT NEED NO STEENKING LAWS.
  19. We'll see how these pampered little yuppie spawn deal with a little snow. "Camping out in the hopes of free shit" is all fun and games until someone loses a toe to frostbite, or gets arrested for public masturbation (again).
  20. Dad


    Happy Friday all. Since I cut back drinking to just the weekends, Fridays mean a little bit more than they used to. I'm going to pick up my new dogs from the Airport tonight! Gonna knock around in the yard all weekend, maybe ride bikes with my kid. Hell yeah.
  21. Dad


    They make up for it in the sheer volume of feces they produce.
  22. Geengrich is the most qualified and intelligent candidate being considered. Unfortunately, he's also kind of an asshole and has a puffy face and neck. He can't win the popularity contest. Given the polls and their trends over several months, Obama is going to have a tough time no matter who winds up running against him. People won't be lining up to vote for Romney or Cain. They'll be lining up to vote AGAINST Obamacare, Chicago politics, and the other elitist bullshit and incompetent tactless dealings with other countries demostrated by the current administration. Hell, if we could get N nominated, he could take Obama.
  23. Dad

    Paranormal Activity 3

    You guys are missing the point. You need to go to this movie with a hip flask of tequila to cut your movie-sized giant sprite, and a superstisious catholic girl. But I repeat myself.
  24. Dad


    YAY I'm a morning person! KISSES FOR EVERYBODY!