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  1. Dude, the ratings system is broken. Can't find it in the drop list anymore. I'd give it a 7, though.
  2. Eastern Promises is great - probably Cronenberg's best movie in the last twenty years. A Dangerous Method...not so much. I think I reviewed it for this site last year, and I don't remember caring for it.
  3. It has all of the grit and violence of Drive, but the slower pace and general trippiness of Valhalla Rising. For people that hate Nicolas Winding Refn's style I'm sure that this is one of the worst, most self-indulgent movies of the year. However, I'm surprised by the overwhelming negative reaction from people who claimed to like Winding Refn's previous work. I felt like I knew what I was in for, and I liked it. I don't know what movie the critics must have been expecting.
  4. I think I liked First Class just a bit more than this movie, but mostly because First Class had the whole '60s setting going for it and Michael Fassbender's amazing performance driving the thing. This is definitely the best X-Men movie in Bryan Singer's continuity, though. I suspect new management at Fox has a lot to do with the decency of this movie. Tom Rothman- the CEO of Fox for the past decade - was fired just last fall, and I think prior to being fired, he was pressured into to taking a more hands off position with Fox's projects. He was one of the execs allegedly responsible for micromanaging X-Men Origins. He was responsible for micromanaging a lot of Fox's movies and taking a giant dump on them. It got so bad, that the only high profile directors that would agree to make movies for Fox were James Cameron and Ridley Scott. So basically, Tom Rothman was the Don Mattrick of Twentieth Century Fox, and now that he's gone, maybe the company will start making better movies. The Wolverine is definitely a good start.
  5. Sorry, I can't hear you. Oh? You like eating big, fat, throbbing dicks? Good for you, I guess.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. It's clear from your rational arguments, impeccable prose and flawless grammar, that you're a very intelligent, important person. I'm thrilled that you took time from your job, where I'm sure millions of people hang off of every word you say, to critique my writing. I appreciate it when influential, powerful people bother to climb down from their ivory towers to comment on my work. The flaws in this article have been corrected accordingly. Which is to say: one word has been changed. The movie, however, is still as mediocre now as it was the day I watched it.
  7. It's better than a series of jump scares. I'd say it's closer to Sinister, Insidious, and The Woman in Black, which all relied on more sustained scares and less on cheap shocks. Like most exorcism movies, the ending gets silly, which is why I don't think it's perfect.
  8. Mark Strong is an awesome actor, but that movie had enough tension without having to inexplicably turn into a slasher flick in the final act.
  9. Eh, I've made my feelings on zombies pretty clear. The zombies in this movie are so fundamentally different from typical zombies that they may as well not be zombies in the first place. That was enough to get me engaged for two hours. It's not a great movie, but it's worth the price of a ticket.
  10. Since we're going into spoilers here in the comments, I'll just divulge the part that utterly pissed me off: The scene where Pa Kent dies. In both Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman and Geoff Johns Braniac storyline, Pa Kent dies from a heart attack while Superman is out saving the world. The comics found a way to mine that death for all of its worth, because it shows Superman simply can't save everyone dear to him, particularly if he's out serving the greater good. David Goyer pissed all over the character and wasted his death by killing him off in the first movie in a completely cheesy manner. Furthermore, they just wasted Kevin Costner, who was perfect for the part. That's not the only thing I hated about this movie, but Pa Kent's death scene encapsulates everything I hate about this movie. David Goyer appears to have a vague idea of where to include emotional beats in his screenplays, but he has no idea how to write drama or memorable dialogue. He really needs someone with talent, like Christopher Nolan, looking over his shoulder at all times. Goyer is like George Lucas minus the ability to come up with his own ideas.
  11. I don't have a problem with smaller outlets being shut out. Developer time is limited at these events and each company is entitled to maximize the value of that time however they see fit. What's absolutely wrong, however, is the outright lying. If you only want to give interviews to the mega companies, then be upfront about it. Asking smaller journalists to schedule bullshit appointments is wrong. And further, that second Square Enix rep N referred to should lose her damn job. Not because she followed policy and refused to let our guys in, but because she wasted N's time by telling him to come back. What a useless twat.
  12. Wait, so the terms and conditions for the Xbox One requires waiving our legal rights regarding any potential issues concerning the system and submitting all disputes to an arbitrator handpicked by Microsoft? Is that actually true or are we just being trolled? No company could possibly be that arrogant or foolish could they? I don't know. I've been a loyal Microsoft consumer for the past decade (in fact, I've never owned a Playstation in any of its iterations), but the more I hear about the Xbox One, the less I want to have anything to do with it.
  13. You know what? I think this dude is bad ass. He clearly has no fucks to give, and that makes him alright in my book.
  14. I'm not referring to the fighting stick or the SmartGlass; I'm just crossing my fingers that the $499 covers the cost of everything you need to actually play the games. I don't want to be surprised to discover, five months from now, that I'm going to have to fork over an extra one hundred or two hundred dollars for some as-of-yet unspecified accessories in order to play the system the way it is intended to be played.
  15. Is that $499 price tag for the system and all relevant accessories or is that just for a bare bones system? I'm more than willing to pay five hundred bucks for a system ready to play all games right out of the box, but I don't know how willing I am to fork over that kind of money and then have to pay another $200 for bullshit add-ons that should have been included in the original purchase price.
  16. Now You See Me is a hard movie to explain. From a pure filmmaking perspective, it's a great movie. The cast is great, the direction is great, etc. If you can look past the script's plotholes, it's a fantastic movie. However, my pet peeve is screenplays that attempt to be sophisticated and smart and actually end up being stupid. This movie had a stupid script. I'll leave it at that.
  17. Yeah; if you're going to see it at all, you need to see it in 3D in theaters.
  18. I absolutely love the original movie, but I honestly would sooner see a reboot of Jurassic Park than another sequel. The end of The Lost World kinda ruined the Jurassic Park universe for me.
  19. I'll see pretty much anything with Jeff Bridges in it these days. Definitely will see.
  20. Soundtrack really works in the context of the film. I'll have a review up soon.
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