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    Shaving with a straight razor at MACH 1 in a open cockpit Biplane with a Bengal tiger with a blue scarf using a jetpack to bring me a bowl of lucky charms...
  1. Above all else, we've been honored and proud that FEZ has help supported us the way you have, tell us what you need, an we'll do anything we can to help yall. As for facebook, i'll be honest not so much for it because again don't like what its become but at the same time i'm not a stranger to it. And I think the facebook option would be a good idea, anything that will generate good commentary and feed back.
  2. does it count that I own 4 atari's? as well as at least 2 of every game system ever made? lol
  3. Alright folks here's the deal: were losing a few people but the opening of other games for members to play has helped stave off our loss and keep everyone together. Everyone here knows that our primary future hope is to move to Star Ctizen, and with the recent changes to Planetside 2, I know everyone is getting a tad burnt out of it. The new latis or whatever system on Indar is both a good and a bad thing, while it allows for massives battles..its a pain in the ass not letting us do what we trained for. With that said, the promise of a new map has been delayed, so has other roadmap changes, but, still a promising game that is free to play. But the other night, I was surfing youtube like normal, and came across Black Widow Company's new ..Star Citizen Recruitement video... Now, while the Sons of Odin is a small outfit, its by choice..our recruitement policy is made so that we have the best of the best. Not in skill or kills, but the best of what our core values are. Because of that , dispite the hundreds of applications we receive, we take a professional stance to select those whom make ODIN the greatest gaming team out there. So here's the deal..Our eventual future primary game we are all hoping for is Star Citizen, if you dont know what it is, look it up. If you hurry you can get into the alpha and beta. But when its all done, it promises us a sandbox game like no other, the ability to effect real , in-world changes, a working mass market and economy that also has promising real life aspects, the ability to mod and to live in a progressive, ever changing world. Black Widow Company has thousands of people ready to join the moment the game comes out. They have the numbers, the money, the videos..but they do not have the power we have, complete and total battlefield domination.. ODIN is the best trained, highest skilled outfit in PS2, with the ability to take on and take out forces 10 times larger than us. This will carry over to Star Citizen. Tho we will start small, I want our presence to grow every day, every hour, every minute, every second..so that while we may be a small force..people will fear us believing we are an empire, and eventually we shall become that empire, not just on Star Citizen, but on Planetside, Minecraft, Rift, any game we branch out, without sacrificing our core beliefs or policy. Tonight and more importantly the next two days, I need everyone to be on so we can run several recruitement squads. We will be doing this every two weeks to help bolster the numbers. I know its a year away, but BWC isn't the only one in PS2 who is getting ready for the switch, or bolstering their numbers. Its time for us to start getting prepaired as well.