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Found 1 result

  1. yolissahair

    Sort and Analyze popular wigs

    Could you analyze the popular wigs in recent years? Recently, almost all the beauties and stylist should hear more information and introduction about the headband wig or lace frontal part wig, even though there is much analysis to these kinds of wigs, and some of the article or blog from profession stylists or companies, can you clearly distinguished the recently popular wigs? For example, lace frontal wig and lace frontal part wig. The kinds of several recently popular wigs Except for the 13*4'' lace frontal wig and 4x4 closure wig, lace frontal part wig and headband wig are more and more familiar to us because the wigs are easy to installed and the lower price. Meanwhile, our website keeps the product update and enlarge different customization color range per customer request, without any exaggeration, almost of all the regular color could be applied for the lace frontal part wig, such as the shine and bright burgundy color hair wig, or dignified #8 brown wig. There are hot-sale lace frontal part wig combinations that included the kinds of color. Last but not least, we have good news, our website 13*4 HD lace wigs are available now. Maybe hundreds of our loyal customers are waiting for 13*4 HD lace wig, so far, our website HD lace front wigs have 5*5, 6*6, and 13*4, as for the 13*6 HD lace, there is no exact back into stock now. What's the difference between the lace front wig and lace frontal part wig? Normally, the lace front wig means the wig has 13*4 lace, 13*4'' is lace size. Almost all the wig's users are familiar with the 13*4 lace frontal wig. It's a classic kind of wig. The advantage of the 13x4 lace front wig is the multiple parting styles, the lace front wig could be three partings, middle parting, and free parting. Regarding the lace frontal part wig, the lace width still is 13'', deep is 4'' as well, but the 4'' deep lace only in the middle part of the frontal, in another word, the wig's lace part isn't a square like lace frontal wig's, the lace part is a 4'' deep line, others are breathable cotton material cap. So the lace part wig only could be middle parting. How to select a suitable wig? Why is it so hard to get suitable wigs? Is it hard to process hair? Yeah. After all, the professional stylists with the license are careful to bleach or dye hair. Even so, they couldn't guarantee 100% success. So if you would like to unique and suitable hairstyle, it's risky to ruin the hair. Is it complex to get the correct cap size wig? No! It only needs minutes of patience and a ruler. Here we listed the method per our website information. We have listed the size information and every exact size data, using a ruler to measure the head's size as the following image showing: It should be the most complex part to get the six data, suggesting you find a friend or relative to help you to get the exact data. Then refer to the following image to select the correct size wig. Attention: Every company may have a different size data reference chart. Above are several simple tips to get the favorite wigs, when you are ready to pick out and purchase a wig, Yotissa always is patient to provide the best professional service and highest types of human hair for you.