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Found 1 result

  1. As an indispensable means of transportation for ordinary people, in addition to safety, reliability and comfort, elevator supplier have attracted the attention of the public. Intelligence and even technology and fashion are becoming a quiet trend, whether in our villa elevators or commercial passengers. elevator. If you want to choose a villa elevator, it depends on whether the hoistway is reserved. The hoistway is easy to handle, the size of the hoistway, whether the pit has been dug, whether there is a reserved machine room, the passenger elevator is divided into two types: machine room and machine-less room. , And civil engineering, etc., to design your villa elevator, the factory will give you the elevator drawings, and the construction will also follow the elevator drawings. Elevators are special equipment. The country has a series of standards for elevators, and relevant departments of the country must check and accept elevators. To test your elevator, firstly, whether the product design is qualified, and secondly, whether various indicators meet the national standards. After passing the inspection and acceptance by the state agencies, a quality report will be issued, and then a safety acceptance certificate will be issued to the owner before freight elevator can be used.