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Found 1 result

  1.   Reaper Globe shows 5 creepy Halloween scenes and 4 thrilling transitions within the exact shape of the Holiday inflatable airblown price--including the reaper and the globe’s base.   Beetlejuice Sandworm Tombstone shows 5 scenes from the movie, “Beetlejuice”, and 4 thrilling transitions within the exact shape of the Airblown Inflatable.   Using advanced, high-tech image mapping, our Snow Globe shows 5 delightful Christmas scenes and 4 exciting transitions within the exact shape of the Airblown Inflatable.   The Mickey Mouse Snow Globe features 5 scenes from Disney’s “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas” within the exact shape of the Airblown Inflatable--including Mickey Mouse's ears!   For the first time, consumers can experience this exciting new technology at home for the holidays.   Five Exciting Scenes, Four Transitions with Sound   Each features five scenes and four transitions with either haunting melodies or holiday music, creating a sensory experience of sight and sound.   Show a single scene or customize selections to play once or in a continuous loop, in order or randomly.   Classic Seasonal Shapes   It comes in classic seasonal shapes, like tombstones for Halloween and snow globes for Christmas. The Halloween archway creates a memorable entrance or focal point for decorating at home or Halloween parties.   We're constantly looking for new trends in holiday decorating technology and were especially impressed with what major entertainment venues were doing with projection mapping. We wanted to bring that amazing experience to people's homes.   Favorite Licensed Characters   It is available in exciting licensed versions for both Halloween and Christmas that feature scenes from iconic movies. Look for styles with your favorite Tim Burton Halloween characters:   The Jack Skellington Tombstone   The Beetlejuice Sandworm Tombstone   Christmas styles feature classic characters from beloved holiday movies:   The Mickey Mouse Snow Globe   The Frosty the Snowman Globe   It includes an Airblown Inflatable, weather-resistant case, heavy-duty lawn stakes and tethers, remote control, power adaptor and more. It also features eternal ports to play your own videos year-round. If you want to know more information about the airblown inflatable halloween decorations manufacturers, We are here all the time to answer all the confusion you have,so please don't hesitate to contact us. You know you want.