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Found 1 result

  1. Size: 3.6 GB | Release date: January 20, 2023 / This game is in development Genre: Strategy - Role-playing game - Simulation Developer: Supercube Publisher: Supercube Text language: Russian, English, MULTi(?) Voice language: English, French, Spanish Version: 0.41 Tablet: present (CODEX Emu) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Operating system:Windows 7 / 10 (64-bit) Processor:Intel i5 4th generation / AMD FX-8300 Memory:8 GB RAM Graphics:NVIDIA GTX 1050 / AMD RX 590 Storage:4 GB Keyboard and mouse DESCRIPTION: The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation is an innovative space simulator in which you control a team of surviving specialists facing the dangers of life on Io. Earth. 2084 It's your time to leave your mark on history. You are in charge of Io-1, a mission of 15 crew members tasked with reaching a robotic station on the surface of one of the most hostile places in our solar system. These dangerous biomes are characterized by extreme temperatures, intense volcanic and seismic activity, and magnetic storms. Rebuild the space station, train your crew, manage your resources, and prepare to face the most hostile conditions in the solar system. Game Features Start each game with 3 survivors out of 15 available. Adapt to their strengths and weaknesses and use everything at their disposal to survive. Your spaceship has crashed on the surface of Io. Produce materials, build modules and engineering systems, create wearable equipment and cook food. Nobody knows when you will be able to escape from this hell. Volcanoes, seismic activity and magnetic storms will put almost constant pressure on your team. Keep an eye on the weather reports to avoid getting stuck in a lava flow or buried in a sulfur storm. Anticipate and adapt will be your motto and your way to save lives. Io may be inhospitable, but it is now your home with beautiful and deserted landscapes. Climb aboard a rover or flying drone and set out to mine precious resources in the various biomes of the satellite. Explore the surface and collect important scientific data to complete your mission. The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation features many approaches to victory. Play again and again, take advantage of upgrades, learn the best survival strategies and tame all the merciless elements of Io. KatFile Link(s) https://katfile.com/9e3q9o57guo5/The_Pioneers_Surviving_Desolation_0.41_SteamRip.part1.rar https://katfile.com/sx3djs20hrw9/The_Pioneers_Surviving_Desolation_0.41_SteamRip.part2.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/eb3a23e7ffb57abc3b7fdf0bd392c9a1/The_Pioneers_Surviving_Desolation_0.41_SteamRip.part1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/c62623135c487cab857fe870fb780e6d/The_Pioneers_Surviving_Desolation_0.41_SteamRip.part2.rar
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