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Found 6 results

  1. When you are moving household items then moving TV from one place to another is difficult as this is fragile material and gets damaged. The Packaging material require for packing your LED or LCD Tv is TV Boxes original Foam Sheets Buuble wrap Packaging tape Moving Blanket Packaging Paper You can follow some tips for packing and moving your TV First you can take some photos for knowing exact dimension of TV. This would help in packaging your TV Unplug wires and cables and label them for easy assembling to your new home Clean your TV mirror before moving You can hire best packers and movers in Ahmedabad for TV Shifting by comparing free 4 quotes of movers and save up to 25% through LogisticMart
  2. When you are moving bulk items from one city to another or outside city then there are cerain goods which you must avoid when moving to long distance. You must categorize into valuable and non valuable items like old furniture or crack boxes or household items which are not required to move. You do not move explosive, hazardous, or sensitive items that expose to heat or climate condition. You can also avoid heavy or large furniture which take more space in your new home. You can also avoid bathroom items as they are sensitive and may crack or damage during transportation. Avoid old books, newsapaper, clothes, and damage electronics items which are bulky and heavy In this way you can make your relocation smoother and you can take further assistance from Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad for smooth relocation of your goods,furniture or vehicles,etc.
  3. Suitcase is available in everyhome. If your budget is tight and you do not want to buy more corrugated boxes then you can go with suitcase. There are certain things you can pack in Suitcase When choosing Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad. · You can pack clothes in Suitcase which are expensive so that they do not tear in transportation · You can also pack shoes or slippers which are required on daily basis and must packed it. · You can also pack small electrical apliances in suitcase like Electric kettle, iron, mixers,toasters,dryers,etc and other essential items which are required daily. For best shifting experience you can hire packers and movers in Ahmedabad which help you in smooth relocation of your goods and vehicles with proper packing,loading,unloading,transportation,etc at best prices and save up to 25% through LogisticMart
  4. When you are complete with your relocation and now you are worried about how much time it take to unpack after moving in Ahmedabad. It is tricky and diificult as there is no deadline or time limit and it takes two to three months to unpack complete belongings after a move. If you want to speed up unpacking process then you can follow some tips: · You need to start unpacking with essential and most frequently bathroom, bedroom, kitchen,etcand then think about unpacking and arranging the stuff in the rest of the house. · You can reassemble larges furniture units before unpacking small items · You can do unpacking room by room and would not have much load. Hire best packers and movers in Ahmedabad for local or domestic household,office,furniture and vehicle shifting,etc and save up to 25% through LogisticMart.
  5. Moving cost is high whether you are moving within or outside city in Ahmedabad.When you are calculating cost of movers and packers you forget some hidden cost which are also added in relocation.These can be: · Purchase of Packaging supplies to protect your goods or furniture and using free old box can damage goods · Hiring cleaning services if you are cleaning your old homes after movers departs or reach to new home and want cleaning service · Travelling cost of flights and air to new home · Paying of old bills in old house · Purchasing items for new home and repair or updgrade in new home. So these charges are not calculated by us and add up increase the total cost of your move exponentially. You can choose budget friendly Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad by comparing free 4 quotes and save up to 25% through LogisticMart
  6. If you are shifting heavy bulk items and vehicles from one city to another in Ahmedabad then to reduce shifting charges cost you must declutter some items which are not necessary or required to your new home in Ahmedabad or outside city. You can declutter: · Duplicate items: You can separate items which are having multiple or double like cofee maker juicer, can reduce packaging cost and also money. You can sell them or do not move · Clothes and shoes : You can also not move multiple pair of clothes which you not wear and can sell it. · Outdated electronics items: You should remove electronics items which are not in working condition. · Expired medicines, Old newspaper, books, and other which are torn out and not in condition of use. You can choose best packers and movers in Ahmedabad and save up to 25% through LogisyticMart
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