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Found 2 results

  1. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of Oxford cloth and apparel fabrics. Our products include Oxford cloth, jacquard cloth, etc., and its applications range from clothing to luggage, luggage and other outdoor sports goods. We also sell pvc coated fabric. Polyester feels rougher, while nylon feels smoother. In addition, you can use nails to scrape. After nail scraping, there are obvious traces of tape, and the less obvious traces of nylon. The simplest difference between nylon and polyester is the burning method. Polyester emits very strong black smoke, nylon emits white smoke, and the residue after combustion. Polyester is crushed and nylon becomes plastic. In terms of price Nylon is twice that of polyester. Nylon generally has good elasticity, and the dyeing temperature is 100 degrees. It is dyed with neutral or acid dyes. The high temperature resistance is worse than polyester, but the strength is better, pilling resistance is good, and the color of the smoke is whitish when burned with fire. The polyester burned up with black smoke, and black ash followed. The dyeing temperature is 130 degrees (high temperature and high pressure), and the hot-melt method is generally baked below 200 degrees. The main characteristics of polyester have good stability. Generally, adding a small amount of polyester to clothes can help anti-wrinkle and plasticity. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be static and easy to pilling. If you are interested in ordering or understanding, you can click the link: nylon fabric factory. It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.
  2. zdfabric

    How to buy PVC coated fabric?

    PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and its monomer structure is CH2=CHCl. PVC coated fabric is composed of him. Today we will talk about the manufacturing process of PVC coated fabric. Manufacturing process: 1. For PVC calendering, the base fabric is first coated and primed. The PVC slurry is first made into a PVC paste according to the formula, and then pressed into a PVC film of a certain thickness by a special machine, and then pressed on the base fabric at high temperature, dried and cured. Then cut and roll. 2. The PVC coating is a special PVC glue that is directly coated on the base cloth with a dry coating, and then dried and cured to roll. the difference: The difference between the two is that the craftsmanship is different, and the product styles made are also different. One is the calendering method and the other is the direct coating by the dry method. The products made have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of calendered PVC: it can be made very thick, and the PVC surface can also be patterned; the disadvantages are: poor hand feeling and poor fastness. The advantages of coated PVC: good hand feel, good fastness, and low price; disadvantages: the thickness of the coating is relatively thin, and the requirements for the base fabric are high (the cloth with too thin weft density is not suitable for coating). Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of PVC coated fabrics. If you want to buy or wholesale PVC coated fabric, you can visit our official website.