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Found 1 result

  1. Size: 16.03 GB | Release date: August 17, 2023 Genre: Fantasy - Strategy - Adventure Developer: Mimimi Games Publisher: Mimimi Games Text language: Russian, Deutsch, English, Português do Brasil, Türkçe, español, français, italiano, polski, 中文(简体),中文(繁體), 日本語, 한국어 Voice language: Deutsch, English Version: 1.1.29.r39030.f (67487) Tablet: not required (DRM-Free) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Operating system:Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor:3.0 GHz Four Core CPU (Intel i5-7400 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200) Memory:8 GB RAM Graphics:GTX 1050 Ti / AMD R7 370 @2 GB VRAM Storage :23 GB Keyboard and mouse DESCRIPTION: Ahoy, pirates and pirate girls. Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is an original stealth strategy game set in an alternative Golden Age of Piracy. A curse of lost souls hangs over a chain of islands known as the Dark Caribbean, ruled by evil inquisitors. They hate everything unusual and burn damned pirates with soul-consuming fire. Game Features Start your journey with the cursed pirate Afia and look for the coveted black pearls to recruit your "undead" crew. All eight team members have their own history, personality and unique supernatural abilities. The pirate Gael's magic cannon launches friends and enemies into the air, Mr. Mercury's anchor opens portals, and Afia's mythical sword cuts through space and time. Pull off an epic heist and recover a supernatural, mysterious treasure to defeat the army of the Inquisition. Penetrate enemy fortresses. Get behind enemy lines. Cleverly combine the abilities of your team members and carefully think through tactics to destroy your enemies. Feel like a strategic genius when you execute your plan perfectly. The Red Marley is waiting for you - a ghost ship endowed with a soul. On deck you can plan adventures or spend time with the crew enjoying their unlife. Get to know the damned pirates of the Dark Caribbean better. Chains of individual tasks will reveal their stories, characters and reasons why they took the cursed path. Travel to the exotic islands of the Dark Caribbean. From places dripping with the magic of cursed souls to tropical beaches and vibrant pirate towns, each island is unique and full of adventure. Select a squad for a mission according to your taste. Use the team's unique abilities to come up with new tactical schemes against the Inquisition. Choose your landing point and escape from the island, act stealthily or straightforwardly - and use your surroundings wisely. Consider this your sandbox. Use the powerful time management magic of your ghost ship! Stop time to think or plan multi-step actions. Save your memories so you can come back at any time if something goes wrong. Change your approach and tactics to find a solution for any situation - at a convenient moment for you. [Collapse] Bonuses Artbook Soundtrack (FLAC) Soundtrack (mp3) KatFile Link(s) https://katfile.com/ewzfxp08sb81/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part01.rar https://katfile.com/25dfc89c4ege/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part02.rar https://katfile.com/au0loy37tqly/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part03.rar https://katfile.com/dtrwlqec6ku8/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part04.rar https://katfile.com/nda72q0lf34j/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part05.rar https://katfile.com/erbtiu3kt46g/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part06.rar https://katfile.com/qhkqqboth07x/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part07.rar https://katfile.com/kukumzgdgh43/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part08.rar https://katfile.com/7c0u484k0jb4/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part09.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/8b2015a51f4be1ec2203fc193574bfe1/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part01.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/c31f57145ceed256246f363c5b8350a6/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part02.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/fe5254ba12b1c5b534074ed9168af280/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part03.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/d608bae069fde036d6bc9a2dcd508257/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part04.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/e14f53553c18f620a2366b80ca2b9e69/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part05.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/d136c741ca6f230107aa667d34004abd/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part06.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/727ecd0479d9315a9d4691eeb1c73364/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part07.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/696c2928e35f5350adeefa51707ae493/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part08.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/50c78e22fdeb6f94aa15a51b11454a3d/Shadow_Gambit_The_Cursed_Crew_1.1.29.r39030.f_67487_win_gog.part09.rar
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