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How do the continuous spray bottles from Mist Sprayer Pumps Manufacturers work?

There are two types of sprayer devices based on the type of dispersion they do -

(i) a controlled spray or (ii) a continuous spray

We're dealing exclusively with a continuum here.

These devices are pressurized using technology, pre-compression valves, and aerosol-like liquids. The main body of the device consists of a pressure chamber, a pressure piston and a pressure spring. The device has a piston and a piston chamber that draws liquid from the bottle and fills the pressure chamber when the consumer holds the trigger.

The piston chamber consists of an inlet valve and an outlet valve. Once the liquid is sufficiently pressurized, it can be dispensed by the consumer by opening an activation valve, such as by pressing an activation button, and ejection can be stopped by the user ceasing to press such a button.

Once the liquid is pressurized to sufficient pressure, continuous jetting continues until the chamber is emptied. By repeatedly pulling the trigger, continuous spraying is achieved.

By keeping the input volume larger than the pressure chamber volume, continuous spraying with smaller pumping strokes can be achieved.

In the "continuous injection" embodiment, once the liquid is sufficiently pressurized, continuous injection occurs until (i) the chamber is emptied or (ii) until the pressure of the liquid in the pressure chamber becomes less than that of such an upper outlet valve Turn on the pressure.

As technology has advanced, we have been introduced to products that provide more and more comfort to those who use them, and continuous spray bottles are a great example of this.

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