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Merging Pyramix Virtual Studio v14.0.2-V.R (Win64)


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Merging Pyramix Virtual Studio 14.0.2 (x64) | 759.4 Mb

Pyramix is a digital audio workstation used by professional studios and engineers the world over for post-production TV and film, music production, mastering and many more audio-related industries where advanced tools and flexibility, combined with astounding sonic precision are required. The preferred recording tool for classical and acoustic music, reliability and high track counts make it ideal for live events.

High resolution recording up to DSD256
Ultra large track counts
Immersive audio workflows
Advanced editing features
Video in Timeline
Interchange format support

Pyramix comes in many flavours to cater for different budgets and tasks. A huge number of plugins and toolkits optimise Pyramix to provide you with the tools you need for maximum efficiency.

Combined with our Networked Audio Interfaces, Pyramix delivers the optimum sound quality and full control of your RAVENNA/AES67 network with ANEMAN Audio Network Manager, which is a standard feature in all software packs. MassCore combines huge track counts with low-latency mixing for the power user and provides the only sensible workflow for DSD file production, from recording, through editing to the final master.

Construct your own signal flow processing throughout your VST (VST3) and your VS3 plugins, from mono to any multichannel process. Apply it directly to the clip in the timeline while keeping the edits/fades (according to choice).

It is a TAB; it can be opened and processed while doing other operations. Save the configuration and the settings in a unique file for a total recall in this or another Pyramix 11 project.

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Download Via UploadGig

Download Via Rapidgator

Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
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