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So we've been having these earthquakes in Oklahoma...

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I've been witness to countless tornadoes and even lived in Pensacola during Hurricanes Erin and Opal...Ice storms you wouldn't believe and almost three solid months of 100+ degree heat.

These little earthquakes we've been having are some of the most unnerving little shits I've ever been witness to. It's not even to the point were there's any real damage, but it's just...fucking got me freaked out a little bit.

We don't have earthquakes in Oklahoma...typically.

Just had a 4.7 about a hundred miles away that shook my room...and we have a severe thunderstorm in the area and a tornado warning at about the earthquake center near OKC.

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I have a relative out there, that shit's crazy. We actually had a similarly small earthquake here in Colorado the day of the east coast earthquakes a few months back, but we were quickly overshadowed. Stupid New Englanders.

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