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FIFA 19 is increasingly refined and spectacular gameplay

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At the base of FIFA 19 we find again the Frostbite graphic engine, capable also on this occasion to reach without difficulty the Full HD resolution on Xbox One and Xbox One S and 4K on Xbox One X, all at 60 fps and with full support to the HDR technology where available. Unlike last year, a complete dubbing also for the The Journey mode, which joins the usual soundtrack that embraces a wide range of musical genres and unmissable commentary.

An increasingly refined and spectacular gameplay. At least 5 years ago EA decided not to revolutionize the gaming system at the base of the series and to concentrate instead on constant improvement. FIFA 19, thanks to the introduction of the Active Touch System, new animations, improved controls and unprecedented tactical options is without a shadow of doubt the best version of FIFA seen in this generation. Movements in the strait, feints, spectacular actions, acrobatics, rough contrasts, reasoned actions. In the last chapter of the series there is all this, and even more. 

The AI has been refined, so as to limit the defensive amnesia to a minimum and to improve the movements of the players without the ball, and also the introduction of the finalizations in time, after a first quite destabilizing impact, proved to be well balanced. Being able to perform the second press of the button dedicated to shooting with the right timing is in fact not an easy thing, and even succeeding we will never be sure to score, which should prevent any abuse by some types of players. The presence of all these elements, supported by a technical implementation as always very solid, allows FIFA 19 to give hours of fun, both against the CPU and against other players in the flesh, and to revive the players all the emotions of this fantastic sport.

If there is something in which FIFA is able to amaze me every year, it is the global visual rendering. Thanks to the potential of the Frostbite graphic engine, combined with the undoubted ability of EA graphic designers, every match played in FIFA 19 is a joy for the eyes, right from the very beginning. The stadiums are reproduced to perfection, both from the architectural point of view and as regards the choreography, the banners and the lighting. Also visit our website pointssale.com, to buy cheap FUT 19 Comfort Trade V2.0 with fast delivery. Each championship and each competition also have their own television presentation, their own logos and their own animated sequences, as well as the most famous players can benefit from the presence in the game of all the specific animations, both as regards the special moves and as regards the exultations. Excellent as always, the audio sector, which reproduces in an extremely faithful way the most famous songs of the various fans and that underlines in a perfect way the performance of the match.


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