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But wow classic gold can't do all roles well


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They said that Paladins are arguably the most effective healers on buy wow classic gold account of this Illumination talent providing mana back on crits. They also said they would deduct points from courses that are pigeon holed into a particular role since the course allows for zero wiggle room. Rogues are a number of the best DPS in the game, but since they can just be a DPS usually means they cannot obtain the full 10 points. The category was PvE, not DPS. Rogues can't tank or heal.

Rogues are pigeon holed to be the function of dps, or are you speaking about specs? Since Rogues are pigeon holed into being combat. Pallys have room to become dps. Every guild in WoW Classic normally has one pally dps with nightfall to get 15% more spell damage. Is it good? No, however they are not pigeon holed in the same respect as rogues. Pallys also bring the best buffs in the entire game, and that means you want to stack at least 6 of these.

But since they are ONLY a dps class, because they do that exceptionally well, I would venture to say that's the main reason behind their higher score.

Paladins are able to do more than one function, but wow classic gold can't do all roles well, and with the original mentality of,"Jack of all trades, masters of none," exists in Vanilla, Paladins aren't the best at any one thing. They do have some of the best fans in the game, but is that the only purpose of bringing Paladins into a raid? No, not at all. They've a great toolkit and in my view should be rated higher than they are, but it is not my listing. I am guessing that since Paladins would be the master of no function, despite their fans, they are not ranked higher in the PvE class. I'm not sure, I am literally imagining as I did not put this list together.

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