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As you can see, normalization makes a huge difference on angled armor! In a more specific example, take the Jagdtiger 88 vs. the same E 75: It can actually make so much difference that when engaging the front lower plate of the tank, switching to gold APCR ammo won’t actually provide much better chance to penetrate the armor, since the APCR shell doesn’t add enough penetration to get over the lower normalization of APCR vs. the standard AP rounds.

Also, I am not sure that having a reward for new/returning players is "shoveling" and not having exactly the same is "shafting". Maybe it's the cultural things and I do not translate it properly, but I just imagine coming to, let's say, some food delivery, and saying they "shafted" me for not giving me 1st time deal after having 100 meals there but again, I may be reading too much into it. With all due respect.

Good accuracy at medium ranges. Thanks to a flatter trajectory, shells from Tier VIII–X ships reach their targets faster than shells from their counterparts. However, the dispersion ellipse grows more considerably than for ships of other nations as the distance increases, which prevents you from delivering accurate strikes on the enemy from afar. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive details relating to WoWS Doubloons assure visit the web page. Reliable armor, especially efficient against high-explosive projectiles, allows these ships to approach the enemy, get within a convenient combat range, and lose less HP in the process. Many Soviet battleships have their ends protected by a durable armor belt. Use this feature to your advantage and close in on your adversary at an acute angle.

You will be given two cruisers each from the United States and Japan. As an info cruiser is a small and fast warship that we think has the best balance of other types of ships both from damage given, handling, and physical endurance. Like Windows games in general you can control your ship with the W, A, S, D keys and choose your ammo type with the 1,2,3 button.



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