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BRB killing dragons

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I'm a thief that specializes in two-handed weapons. Crazy, huh?

I'm still a little mad they got rid of Acrobatics. How dare you make me use that horse!

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Got up to lvl 20 and currently working the following strategy as a Nord:

Sneak lvl 62 and a bow which let's me gather up souls. Sneak up to the target as best I can, take them out with a bow shot. If I get swarmed I then dual wield enchanted weapons with heavy armor and chop them up into tiny pieces. Not a big fan of using magic or the shield.

Not enough free time in the day to play like I want. And when I do binge on Skyrim I get wife aggro and feel bad for not playing with my daughter.


Getting older sucks ass.

BTW, the colorful water in dungeons is actually oil that you can light on fire. Anyone have any tips on locations to find some sweet jumps...I mean weapons and loot?

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