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Jormungandr is the herald of Ragnarok and one of the newest gods to Smite


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The new Hi-Rez Studios update for their free MOBA Smite game has added the new Norse guardian Jormungandr to the list of great gods. Along with new deities, new updates introduce skins to other gods and changes to defector systems. Free to play MOBA Smite has introduced a new god to the big list in the latest updates. A new god named Jormungandr, he is the guardian of the snake Norse myth and he is rather unique when compared to other gods from the list.

He has cones and AoE attacks, can vomit poisons and can also leave dangerous clouds that endanger enemy gods while also increasing one of his other abilities. The World Serpent, it turns out, had terrible oral hygiene. The footage shows how all this can be arranged to do a lot of deicide. Used effectively, it looks very devastating. If you don't wanna waste time finding Smite Gems, Mmocs.com provides Cheap Smite Gems Codes for you. With a coupon code "MMOCSVIP", you can enjoy 3% off.

To be honest, he's a bit scary, especially since Smite is the third MOBA that is rare, not isometric, making its size even more intimidating. If I see him jumping out of the ground, I won't survive. Seeing it as an opponent, and not the player who controls it, really puts the difference in perspective.

The ultimate ability of Jormungandr is called the World Snake, and that is its decisive ability. After a small delay, Jorm enters an invulnerable condition and can cross a large area. He flies in the air and falls in certain areas. This happens three times, and at each location the pool is left. Enemies affected by this ability are destroyed. The Ultimate is easy to avoid, and therefore you have to use it for utilities mostly out of direct damage. Using it to control space to stop enemies from crossing parts of the forest is very good. Spinning for a fight that cannot be resisted against your solo path will have a great impact. It's also good to get out after you dive in the back of the enemy. Be sure to remember that there is a short period of time where you can be targeted, so using it like you will be the most powerful at Sun Wukong.

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