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New York is 'on track' to end the state's AIDS epidemic by 2020, Governor Cuomo says. In 2018, New York hadan all-time low of 2,481 new HIV diagnoses, an 11 percent decrease from 2017 and a nearly 30 percent drop from 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Income Drops in Young Adults Tied to Midlife Cognitive Deficits. Men and women in their 20s and early 30s who suffered big drops in income did worse on thinking tests in middle age. Paralyzed man walks again using brain-controlled exoskeleton. A man paralyzed from the shoulders down has been able to walk using a pioneering four-limb robotic system, or exoskeleton, that is commanded and controlled by signals from his brain. Anna Bevan reports. Can We Trust Economists? Binyamin Appelbaums The Economists Hour and Janek Wassermans The Marginal Revolutionaries examine the impact of economic ideas on modern politics. New in Paperback The Big Fella and Identity. Six new paperbacks to check out this week. Elizabeth Hurley shows off her ample assets in a fierce leopard print bikini. She has been sharing plenty of saucy bikini photos from her relaxing Indian getaway.

People would NOT hand in a family member if they had committed a crime. A study from the University of Michigan found thatwhen a member of the family behaves abhorrently, people are often inclined to protect them. Rehydration key to surviving the Rugby World Cup. Y'all drink a lot. The Nike Oregon Project should be closed, claims whistle-blower Kara Goucher. Two-time Olympian Kara Goucher trained under Salazar between 2004 and 2011 before making claims against him to the USADA in 2013. Salazar was given a four-year ban for doping violations earlier this week. What channel is the Titans and Patriots game on When's the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game Is Ohio University a state school Wearing deodorant or peeling an orange can pollute office air. Scientists from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, rigged four open-place offices with thousands of sensors to monitor indoor air contaminants. EMERGING MARKETS-U.S.-China trade angst, Turkish geopolitics hit EM assets. Worries over the outcome of the upcoming U.S.-China trade talks drove emerging market currencies lower on Monday, after three sessions of gains, with the lira declining the most on concerns about Turkey's military operations in Syria. Lana Del Rey sings beautifully in new album, but this is not the breakthrough it might have been. Last month, Lana Del Rey made her most interesting move since she arrived with Video Games in 2011. Fascinating photographs from new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground. Fascinating new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground claims to be the first narrative of a 'previously secret aspect of London's history'. Here we present images from it. Beatles' 'Abbey Road' back at top of charts 50 years after release. The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album has returned to the top of the British album charts 50 years after its first release. 10 people in one Ohio county fatally overdose on drugs likely laced with fentanyl in just 26 HOURS. 10 unnamed people in Franklin County, Ohio, overdosed over 26 hours, according to the Coroner's Office. It may be linked to fentanyl, the synthetic opioids 100 times stronger than morphine. Can You Afford to Buy a Home? A new report offers a guide to the annual income that lenders will require you to have to qualify for a mortgage. French literati ponder 'brexit' dictionary entry. French literary types aghast at the political turmoil engulfing Britain as it seeks to leave the European Union launched a tongue-in-cheek Twitter campaign on Wednesday to add 'Brexit' to the national lexicon. Purdue Pharma Tentatively Settles Thousands of Opioid Cases. The company and its owners, members of the Sackler family, have tentatively reached the first comprehensive settlement in thousands of cases nationwide. That Music Youre Dancing To? Its Code. Collectives in cities around the world are bringing computer languages to the club. We Were Wiped Out New Yorkers Preyed on Chicago Cabbies. After seizing control of the market, New Yorkers used tactics that helped leave the taxi industry in tatters and hundreds of immigrant drivers on the edge of ruin. 'We got a little bit nervous' Pep Guardiola explains Manchester City's defeat against Wolves. Pep Guardiola admitted that his side 'got nervous' and lacked organisation as they suffered their second defeat of the season to Wolves, leaving them eight points behind leaders Liverpool in the table.

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