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Welding Of Square Bolt

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1. DIN 603 shall conform to the specifications and design requirements.  If there is rust, it must be derusted before it can be used (especially DIN 603 head and large head must be free of rust and dirt), and DIN 603 with serious rust cannot be used.

2. DIN 603 welds shall be free of moisture.

3. During construction in windy days, welders should stand in the limelight to prevent spark damage.

4, pay attention to the welder's safety protection, especially when welding peripheral beam, more careful.

5, Square Bolt welder to master the performance of the welder, welding torch, do a good job in the maintenance of equipment.  When flash, ablation or slag splashing occurs on the welding torch fixture, timely clean or replace the fittings to ensure smooth construction and welding quality.

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