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Roofing Bolts Rust Solution

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Roof bolt is a device that can fix objects, and we will decide which type of roof bolt product to use according to the weight of the required fixed position.  The acceptable load-bearing condition of roof bolts is still ideal, but usually roof bolts are made of iron. Naturally, there is a possibility of rusting. What should we do once we find that roof bolts rust?  Next, follow the Cap Screw Factory to have a detailed understanding.

Rust on roof bolts will have a great impact on their fixing effect. If they reach a certain degree, they will fall off. Therefore, we can drop gasoline or kerosene on the rusty screws, because rust will cause difficulty in screwing. So this is mainly to play a lubricating role, and it will take only a few minutes to board.  Another is that we can choose to use screws smaller than the specifications of the rusty roof bolts to drill holes on them a little bit, and then clean up the residue in the gaps, so that the rusty Roofing Bolts can be screwed and replaced conveniently.  In fact, this kind of work is very complicated, so we try our best to avoid humid environment before use, otherwise we will regularly use some products similar to rust remover for cleaning.

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