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Cap Screw Factory Production Technology

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The wire used for roof bolts is 45 # steel and so on. When the screw is heat treated, it is hardened by C1035. The hardening method used in Cap Screw Factory can generally reach 22--32HRC high strength.

For this roof bolt, grade 8.8 corresponds to grade 8 nut and grade 10.9 corresponds to grade 10 nut.  Many people will ask why the use of nuts is lower than that of screws.  There is a reason for this. In order to protect roof bolts and prolong their service life, there will definitely be some wear during the process of continuous disassembly. When the hardness of the Grade 8 nut is relatively low, the screw can be effectively protected. In the use cost of such fasteners, such matching is reasonable, just as the hardness of the wrench is the highest when compared with the hardness of the wrench.

It can be said that the production of Roofing Bolts has a very high level. Now roof bolts are widely used in industry and automobile industry, and the technical requirements for the production of such screws are also getting higher and higher.

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