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How to Install A frontal Wig with Glue?

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If you want to wear a 100% human hair frontal wig with glue, you need to use the suitable glue. In order to prevent your natural hair from the installation, suggest you using a silk base wig cap before the installation. And a scissor and a wig clip are also needed.

In order to protect your natural hair, your natural hair should be braided to small tidy braids, which need to be rounded your head. You must make sure the natural hair is flat under the wig cap.

The second step, please using a cotton cloth or Q-tips with water to clean your forehead before install the lace wig.

The third Step, please using some liquid on your head scalp to protect your skin from the using of glue.

The fourth step, usually there are two clips inside the wig cap. Before installing, please fix the clips. And ensure the wig on the right place on your head. Next step, please cut the extra lace on the front of the wig. One time only cut a little part of the lace to make sure that you are not hurt. Be carefully when you are cutting the lace, do not cut more. At last please keep a little bit lace which is less than one inch. If the wig had cut the lace by the wig vendor, you can neglect this step.

The fifth step spray the glue directly or apply some glue on your hairline using a plastic spreader. After do this, please using a blower make the glue be sticky. Press the lace on your hairline where using the glue, until the lace fixed on your head tightly. Before wearing, your natural hair need be braided around your head and pure a silk cap on your head to protect your natural hair.

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