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The Choice Of Industrial Bolt Factory Products

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1. Screw strength
When Industrial Bolt Factory chooses furniture screws, it must pay attention to the overall strength of the screws. Strength refers to the ability to resist pressure. Because in the process of using furniture screws, we need to use devices and equipment to push the furniture into the wooden side. If the strength of the furniture screw is low, deformation will occur, which may also affect the quality of the entire furniture. Therefore, high-strength furniture screw Shape products must be purchased.
2. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance
According to the furniture screw manufacturer, since the technology and raw materials of each furniture screw are very different, their wear resistance is also different. When buying furniture screws, you can conduct wear resistance experiments. Products with strong wear resistance will not have obvious scratches when they are scratched by abrasive products. Anti-corrosion refers to furniture screws have strong corrosion resistance, can resist acid and alkali corrosion, and furniture screws brand products have a long service life.
3. Aesthetics
China Stud Supplier is very strict when choosing, because they need to match the whole home style, and some furniture needs to choose invisible screws to avoid screws affecting the appearance quality, which is an aspect that needs to be paid attention to. Be careful when choosing furniture screws. Aesthetic screw products can be considered as the enhancement of the entire furniture color, and the furniture is pushed to a higher level.

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