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a. Hexagon Socket Head Bolt tilted head: caused by improper adjustment of the first and second punches, or the installation is too loose and not tight.

    b. Crack angle: material problem or improper adjustment of one punch.
    c. Poor installation and improper adjustment of the second punch.
    d. The installation of non-standard screws has a bad punch and a bad shape.
    e. The head is not round: the first die has not been adjusted properly.
    f. Die cracks: Die rupture or improper R angle of the die, causing the die to be scratched by the second impact.
    g. Burrs: Poor forming in one punch, mainly caused by too large gap between punching rod and die hole or too short punching rod.
    h. Cracking of the head: material problems, or the wrong use of a die (such as a die with a hexagonal washer head for the pan head), and the cause of the lubricant.
The above  China Fasteners Suppliers  introduces a series of problems related to the manufacture of non-standard screws. If there are related problems in the manufacturing process, you can compare them and solve them appropriately.


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