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Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

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Given the differing political views listed and expressed in the FeZ main article threads, I want to make a few things abundantly clear.

Once you are accepted into Sons of Odin, you are a member of our team. Regardless of race, orientation, political views, as long as you participate and maintain a good attitude, you are one of us. Fez has allowed political discussions on their forums... But as you should all be aware there is NO political, religious, racial, or unprofessional commentary allowed in teamspeak. Minor jokes (That's what she said) aside, this is to be a drama-free outfit.

Also, if you feel there is an issue between you and the command team that needs to be hashed out, pull one of us (officers) aside and talk to us. We have an open-door policy for a reason. This is one of the most capable and professional command teams I've ever had the priviledge to work with, and that extends to how we deal with interpersonal crises.

I DO want everyone to /sign this and acknowledge that they've read it.

Thanks for your time:


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I sign with gusto. As an officer I strongly encourage anyone to come to me with problems. I may present a silly front sometimes but I assure you all problems brought to my attention are going to be handled with appropriate professionalism.

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Hmmmm...I would have thought this would have been common sense amongst adults.

Let's use our big boy brains, people.

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