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PU coated fabric will not crack

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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise specializing in fabric research and development, production and trade. Our products include Oxford fabrics, polyester fabrics, pu coated fabric, etc., with applications ranging from clothing to luggage, luggage and other outdoor sports products.

PU coated fabric can provide the best leather imitation effect, mainly if the material is gathered or sewn in any way, the PU coating on the fabric will wrinkle. Its function is the same as real leather. PU coated fabrics are different because there is no plasticizer, so the material will not crack or split.

For this reason, PU coated fabrics are preferred in furniture. The fabric will continue to function and is easy to decorate. One of the biggest advantages of PU coated fabrics is that the material is more environmentally friendly than alternative materials. It does not produce dioxins, so it is better for the environment. Moreover, the purchase price of PU coated fabric is also cheaper, because it is cheaper than leather, but the production cost is higher than vinyl.

Seeing this, I believe you must have some understanding of PU coated fabrics. If you want to know more about PU coated fabrics or want to buy PU coated fabrics, please contact us. Our website is: pu coated fabric.

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