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IB Tuitions by Baccalaureate Classes

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IB Tuition

Baccalaureate Classes is a spearhead in providing IB tuition for students enrolled in Diploma, MYP and PYP curriculum. It is one of the most popular academy which provides IB tuitions for the International Baccalaureate students in many countries. The popularity of IB curriculum can be proved by the fact that many government and local authorities has created an agreement with the IBO to implement this curriculum in their states. Developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Spain, United States, Ecuador and Canada have accepted and implemented IB curriculum in their schools. Now a day top universities across the globe prefer IB students over other high school graduates due to the knowledge and skills gained by these students in their higher secondary courses. A lot of students need IB tuition to boost their scores in the final exams to secure a place at a good university. We understand the needs of the students and provide one to one IB tuition to help them in most effective way. Our IB tutors are highly experienced professionals who always feel enthusiastic about guiding the young minds. Our IB teachers agree with the fact that learning is a lifetime process and based on this key point they build the foundation of IB tuition for our students. Our teachers believe that the beauty of the IB curriculum is its pedagogy of producing self motivated inquirers beyond the boundaries of school campuses. Tuition doesn’t mean repeating the content of the textbook chapter; instead it is all about igniting that spark of curiosity among the students which makes them a creative thinker. An IB tuition teacher must follow the learner profile developed by International Baccalaureate. The main motto of IB tuition should be motivating the students to become inquirers, creative and positive thinkers, fearless risk takers, principled and disciplined responsible global citizens.

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