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Issues with members and how to report them

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Hey guys

I know we've run into a couple of what I am going to term MINOR problems in the past couple of weeks regarding people having issues with others and not handling it properly so I wanted to make a post and fill people in on what's expected.

It's quite simple, really... Act like an adult.

We're not here to do name calling or threat making or tantrum throwing. We are here to play games, get known and hopefully someday start making money for shooting people in the face with virtual pew pew guns. If you can't have conversations with people, on teamspeak or in the forums, without acting like a child then please refrain from conversing with people, entirely. I will emphatically state this, right now: This is a NO DRAMA clan. We don't do the childish shit most groups do because we are professionals. We train hard, we play hard and we have enjoyed great success to this point because we're adults and we behave as such.

If you have an issue with a fellow clan member (yes, Sons of Odin is a clan, not just an outfit in PS2) please take it up with a member of leadership. You should all know who your officers are but if you don't, speak to Roh, Nordictiger, Garviel, Trof, Taggart or BigRob and if they can't square you away they can direct you to someone who can.

I am going to add myself to this and go on record saying that if anyone has issues with the members of command of Sons of Odin (that's the CLAN as well as the OUTFIT) you are more than welcome to come to me about it. Feel free to email me at


If someone approaches me with an issue, I will make sure that it is looked in to and dealt with.

I'm going to make another comment similar to the one made by Garv. I often put on a mask of levity and light-heartedness and can also present a bit of a sharp edge from time to time but make no mistake, when it comes to dealing with business I am a professional and just about anyone in command now can tell you, any issues will be taken care of.

I will forewarn you, though. If you come to me with an issue, make sure you've done your due diligence and have your ducks in a row. Bring me tangibles and I'll do what I can. If anyone comes to me with "I don't like Fred because I think he shot me" or "I'm think Joe is a dick because he didn't heal me", you're going to be rather unhappy with the response you receive so make sure you come to me with solid information about actual issues.

The key here is NO DRAMA. Remember it and you'll be ok.

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