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Introduction To The Use Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

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  Hexagon Socket Head Bolt has uniform force, can withstand high temperature and high pressure, and is easy to install, so it is necessary to work under high temperature and high pressure, such as marine oil bolts, chemical equipment bolts, pressure pipe bolts, etc. Used for some bolts. This is Hexagon Socket Head Bolt. Hexagon bolts usually only have a fixing function and are used in places that do not need to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

       The Hexagon Socket Head Bolt national standard has very clear requirements for the selection, manufacture, inspection and packaging of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt. According to various industry standards for processing and manufacturing for different industry applications. For example, the petrochemical Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is manufactured according to petrochemical industry standards HG20613 and HG20634. Using high-quality high-strength alloy steel as raw materials, strictly abide by the production standards and regulations. When you leave China Stud Supplier, the inspection department will perform a factory inspection. Ensure product quality.

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