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Why don’t you choose the HD lace?


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HD lace

1. With the most natural color, the HD lace can suits everyones skin

2. The invisible knots on the lace avoid the embarrassed situation which be seen the black knots on your head

3. The most soft quality lace in Swiss lace can offer you the best experience of wearing it

HD lace in 13*4 lace front wigs

1. The large lace part with HD lace give the 13*4 wigs more charming

2. With 13*4 lace which from ear to ear with the 4 inches deep parting, we can do more style on it, like the middle part, the right part and the left part

3. If you are a lace frontal lover, please do not miss this lace on a frontal wig though may be a little more expensive. But it surly worth it!

lace in 5*5 closure wigs

1. Still with HD lace on the closure wig, you surly can feel the difference from other lace

2. Closure wigs normally do the middle part the most, but the small right and left parting is still working

3. Comparing to the 13*4 wigs, if you want a more deep parting area and less money spending, a 5*5 closure wig is the first choice

HD lace in 6*6 closure wigs

1. HD 6*6 wigs have the most deep parting area and the best lace, which is the best choice for a deep parting lover

2. Cause not all the texture of the hair can come in HD lace now, the 6*6 HD lace wigs get its another highlight.

3. Straight / Body/ Deep / Loose Deep / Curly / Natural, all of these texture can do the HD lace in 6*6 wigs now


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