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Diesel Cleaning Of Manual Corn Seeder

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Threshing corn for three times has a better threshing effect on wet corn special-shaped corn. During operation, the motor drives the threshing roller, the fan rolls to put the corn into the feeding hopper, the corn cob automatically slides down and enters the threshing chamber. Under the effect of the threshing rib on the right threshing roller, it first collides with the swinging screen. The impact of the threshing screen under the right threshing roller, the corn cob is pushed by the impact to cause the corn kernels to fall. The corn cob is driven to the left side of the right threshing roller, and enters the operating area of the left threshing roller under the effect of the stopper bridge plate. The corn cobs are threshed for three times, and the corn cobs that pass threshing three times are thrown out of the outlet. It realizes the separation of corn kernels and solves the problems of unclean threshing and low efficiency of single-roller Corn Sheller on the market. It is widely used for corn threshing.

Newly purchased agricultural machinery will generate a lot of dust and debris after use, especially Corn Sheller, corn combine harvester, etc.

First of all, the triangle belt of the new Corn Sheller should be removed, and the oil and sludge on it should be cleaned up. It should not be exposed to acid and alkaline substances and stored alone.

Secondly, we need to open the new Corn Sheller inspection layer by layer. The machinery is composed of parts and devices, and each performs its own duties. At this time, all the external protective covers should be opened to sort out the remaining debris and dust to ensure that there is no Affect the normal operation of the machine.

1. Clean the diesel filter, oil filter element (or oil filter) regularly as required; clean or clean the air filter regularly.

2. Clean up the grass clippings, straw and other dirt in the engine cooling water tank radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, air filter, etc.

3. Clean the dust, glumes, stalks and other attachments that adhere to the surface of the Corn Sheller, pay special attention to the arrangement of reel, header agitator, straw support, cutter, drum, concave screen, vibration plate, cleaning Select the attachments at the screen, several engines, crawler walking devices, etc.

4. Sort out the mud and straw in the transmission belts and transmission chains. Many mud blocks will affect the balance of the wheels, and the straw may ignite due to conflicts.

5. Regularly release the water and mechanical impurities in the diesel tank and diesel filter of the Manual Corn Seeder.

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