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How Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Is More Durable

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The small Corn Sheller is a new type of low-cost agricultural machinery that can harvest corn stalks. The small Corn Sheller is researched and developed for the development of new energy and reducing the labor intensity of farmers' friends, shortening the labor cycle of farmers and freeing people from heavy physical labor.

A brief introduction to the installation and debugging method of the small Corn Sheller:

1. Check whether the front bumper of the small Corn Sheller is level. Correct the non-level front bumper before installing the lifting frame.

2. Install the lifting frame on the bumper of the tractor, and then use the pressing plate to tighten it with screws, and then connect the two inclined flat irons at one end on the lifting frame, and connect the other end to the connecting seat welded on the tractor beam and fix it . Ensure that the small Corn Sheller has good stability.

3. The connection between the host and the elevator is through the four U-shaped cards on the host and the two front supports on the lower part of the lifting frame. The two U-shaped cards on the upper part of the lifting frame pass through four cylindrical pins and two movable lifting plates to hold the host Connect with the lifting frame.

4. Two B-type V-belts are connected to the diesel engine and the reducer of the harvester. After installation, do not press the tensioner too tightly when the small Corn Sheller is harvesting normally, as long as the V-belt does not slip.

5. The small Corn Sheller should be idling for 5 minutes after the assembly is completed, and then run at high speed for 6 minutes. After checking that there is no abnormality in the various parts, the field operation can be carried out.

6. When harvesting in the field, because the small Corn Sheller is conveyed on the right side, the harvesting method of turning around the plot can be used to improve the harvesting efficiency.

7. After using the Knapsack Fertilizer Machine for a period of time, especially after using it on sandy soil, the cutting edge of the Knapsack Fertilizer Machine wears and becomes blunt. When cutting the cutting edge, prevent overheating and dripping to cool down, so as not to reduce the durability of the cutting edge.

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