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Introduction To The Operation Of Open Rotary Screen Printer

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Accompanied by the use of Hot Air Stenter in various fields. More and more customers choose to use Hot Air Stenter for manufacturing. But there are also many new customers who do not understand some basic knowledge of Hot Air Stenter. Today's web editor will give everyone a detailed introduction to these aspects.
1. Hot Air Stenter is a new technology printing-free full-color digital printer: it will not be limited by all raw materials, it can be used in T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, laminated glass, plates, various Color photo-level packaging printing is carried out on the surface of identification plates, amethyst, PVC, acrylic sheets, metal materials, plastics, marble, and leather products. It does not require printing and plate making, one packaging printing process, bright and colorful colors, anti-wear, blocking ultraviolet rays, simple and convenient actual operation, faster packaging and printing images, and in line with actual industrial production packaging and printing specifications.
2. Hot Air Stenter is suitable for packaging and printing of diversified materials. As far as the packaging and printing manufacturing industry is concerned, there are more technical and professional manufacturing industry differences. For example, the traditional packaging printing in the leather product manufacturing industry: ink printing has a single color tone and simple color connection; large and medium leather printing machines are expensive. , High requirements for materials; thermal transfer process will destroy materials. The traditional packaging printing method in the amethyst manufacturing industry is amethyst glass film processing technology. The plexiglass plate manufacturing industry uses screen printing, and the metal material manufacturing industry uses thermal transfer printing technology. So once you have a Hot Air Stenter, you also have a stronger core competitiveness than the same industry
3. Hot Air Stenter's packaging and printing positions are accurate, preventing the problem of position deviation encountered by hand-made printing plants. Hot Air Stenter no longer uses traditional packaging and printing methods and methods, and is no longer the simple manual service actual operation and technical packaging printing in the past. It has developed a stronger technology with high-tech computer generation and automatic control technology. The organic combination can accurately point to the areas and parts that need to be packaged and printed, and prevent the problem of position deviation encountered by hand-made printing plants. Because it is a one-time multi-color packaging printing, there will be no problems with overprinting. This kind of advantage can also be combined with hand-carving and etching processes in a very reasonable way. Packaging and printing beautiful pictures in hand-carved areas, or carrying out precise etching processes after packaging printing, can also be obtained in the hand-carving manufacturing industry. Good promotion.
4. The packaging and printing process is unusually simple. Hot Air Stenter does not use the process of printing plate making, ink printing, and repeated overprinting, and does not use various types of special tools and raw materials necessary for ink printing and thermal transfer process methods. To choose your open rotary screen printer, you only have to prepare a general computer in advance. A machine operator can completely carry out the actual operation of packaging and printing alone, saving capital investment, and the method is simple and immediately desirable. The work experience of the operator is low, and it is enough to master simple picture and image processing software.

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