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4 steps for an incredible transformation in your look!

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Want to change the look without damaging the wires? Luck is in your hands and I show you that it is possible to do this in a few seconds.

First of all, nothing better than visiting an incredible store like Wiggins Hair that does everything for you to guarantee the hair of your dreams. It has great quality in high quality 100% virgin human hair products, such as hair weaving, closure, lace frontal, lace wig and much more.

That is, regardless of the color, cut and style you can have the hair hydrated and well maintained and the best with direct delivery to your home!

Who never wanted to be blonde? The transformation can happen without having to dye the threads and best of all without that delay that we usually have when we go to the beauty salon.

For example, the website provides all types of blond hair wigs, wigs, blondes, highlighted frontal wigs, glue-free colored lace wigs of great quality at an affordable price.

That is, new fashion styles with great wigs for you!

The color and tone will depend on your choice, including the size of the wires is up to you. They prioritize customer satisfaction first and this is important when looking for quality shopping over the internet.

Generally the service is 5 stars and a 15-day return quality guarantee, because the wigs are 100% ombre human hair from the store.

Now you don't want a radical change in your entire hair, but do you want to have some different details along the length?

Why not invest in the blonde ombre hair wig? It creates an incredible and absolute look for any skin tone. Be it a more lively blonde or a very modern coppery blonde.

That is, the change comes from the length and goes to the ends of the hair in shades of blond that will be chosen by you. 

It is a unique and easy way to guarantee a different look if you have an important occasion to go. For example, a wedding, engagement or fraternization. 

The wig at this point can serve as a hairstyle with braid, bun or even ponytail. In addition, it ends up bringing more volume if you want a scandalous look for this occasion.  

Remembering that it is important in this case, take care of your ombre wigs as if you were taking care of your natural hair.

So be kind to your wig especially when combing it. Do not use regular brushes. For straight and body waves, the wide tooth comb is highly recommended. 

For wavy and deep undulations, use only your hands to prevent tangles from becoming tangled. In fact, it is necessary to apply a spray conditioner to help loosen the strands. 

Highlight for your wig to be perfect! - Highlight wigs 

After your choices are made, care for the wig needs to be even greater. Especially because beautiful hair also needs proper care.

First, when you're at home, take off your highlight wig and place it on a hanger or stand to help maintain its shape, and when you take it out of your head, you won't have to pull your hair out and damage it.

Start using a 100% human hair bristle brush that is compatible with the extension you choose. It is important because it undoes knots and spreads moisturizing oils while gliding smoothly over fixation points.

But, on the other hand, if the texture of your hair is more frizzy when brushed, it is important to apply an anti-frizz spray, leave-in conditioner or another product to style the hair so that it is slightly damp.

Anyway, also use a styling product and make a braid or a bun of your choice to define the hair in a healthy way without using heat products.

Another important detail: brush your hair extensions 1 to 3 times a day to ensure that the oiliness of the scalp reaches the tips of the extensions. Also, do not pull the brush through your hair, it causes breakage. Separate the nodes with your fingers, if applicable.

Then it is necessary to wash the wig, but please do not touch the towel. It is important to be careful that piece by piece is dry. That way, you guarantee that the fiber strands do not fall, okay?

Also, never style your wig while it is wet. Even those wet hair styles for combing are known to damage your wig.

After that, it is important to saturate the wig with water, it is essential that you squeeze it dry. In no way, do not twist or simply base your wig so that it is not uneven and much less dry.

So, which wig is your style? Did you already know this care?

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