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What is transparent lace wig?

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There has 3 lace color styles in the market before, light brown, medium brown&dark brown, different lace color suits for different skin of African American women.

We are selling Lace Front Wigs for many years and we know what our customers' real needs. They want the lace color pretty for their skin and make it looks more undetectable. Here is how Transparent Lace Wigs works for, It is also good to know that this type of transparent lace is excellent for every skin tone, you needn’t worry about the lace color looks unreal.

Transparent lace wig was made by Swiss lace, the lace quality was the top one, easy to bleached knots and a lifetime more longer than normal lace.

PS: Some websites use light brown lace wig instead of transparent lace wig, it's just sales trick. Please check the lace color carefully when you receive transparent lace wig.

From the details above, hope you can get some information for a transparent at wiggins hair?

Wiggins Hair offers Real Transparent Lace Wig. Trust us and we will never let you down :)

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