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-- Random Personal Project -- Deus Ex custom map "Arizona Outpost"

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Sorry about the random Instant Messenger blips in the audio. People didn't want to leave me alone that night I guess..

Anyway, something to pass the time. I love messing around in older game engines. ;P Simple BSP work is fun, and challenging!


As stated, I don't know much of anything about scripting for Deus Ex/Unreal, so there's not a lot here to work with.

And conversations? Well, considering the amount of characters roaming around in the level, not sure I could rummage up enough peeps to do that for just this level. ;P Any interaction between JC, Smuggler, some random NSF or Civilian, or Jock, would have to be spliced, and I'm not that good with audio, either.

Still, for what I 'CAN' do, it's rather fun, and something I thought would be a nice breather between the Missile Base mission, and Area 51.

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