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How To Adjust Manual Fertilizer Seeder

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  Manual Fertilizer Seeder is an important agricultural equipment in agricultural production. The existing transplanting machine has a complicated structure, a wide application range, and is difficult to operate. The disadvantage is that the seedling throwing technology is complicated. Therefore, it also affected the promotion of equipment.

   Aiming at the above shortcomings, a semi-automatic equipment with compact structure, convenient use and adjustment, and wide application range is provided. The structure of the technical scheme adopted by the utility model to solve the technical problems includes a frame, a transmission system, a seedling transplanter assembly, a seedling throwing device assembly, a main seedling frame, an auxiliary seedling frame, a soil covering compact assembly, a seat, etc. The system is located on both sides. It is the power source of the machine, including the ground wheels. Active sprocket, passive sprocket, chain, etc.; the transplanter assembly is located in the middle of the frame, and can be installed according to the size of the supporting power-group to six groups; the seedling thrower assembly is located above the transplanter assembly; with seedlings The tray frame is located above the transplanter assembly and outside the seedling thrower assembly; the main seedling tray frame is located on both sides of the rear beam of the frame, and the seedling tray is placed on it; the soil covering suppression assembly is located behind the transplanter assembly, it Including earth-covering wheel and earth-covering wheel adjustment mechanism; seats are installed on the longitudinal beams on both sides of the frame. Compared with the prior art, the existing semi-automatic equipment has the advantages of compact structure, convenient use and adjustment, wide application range, and high seedling accuracy. It solves the existing problems of the equipment, so it has a good market prospect.

   So what kind of adjustment do we need to make before using the vegetable transplanter? Let's take a look.

   1. On a flat and hard ground, the triangle suspension of the four-wheeler is connected to the equipment, the machine is adjusted to a horizontal position, and the length of the pull rods on both sides of the four-wheeler is fixed to the same length.

2. Four-wheel vehicle hanging pepper transplanter, take a small amount of paper tube without seedlings and put it on the conveyor belt, drive the wheel at a constant speed to make the paper tube slowly drop, and observe that the ditching machine after the paper tube drops 1-2 cm vertically. Yes, otherwise adjust the trencher or clamp sowing

   3. During the transplanting process, keep the equipment level. The proper depth of the trencher is the depth of the central axis of the trenching board. The transplanting depth is adjustable, the handle is clockwise deep, otherwise shallow.

   For a long time, vegetable transplanting has been manual operation, with high labor intensity, low production efficiency and poor transplanting quality. At the same time, it is difficult to achieve the consistency of operating parameters such as plant spacing, which not only affects the quality and yield of vegetables, but also affects the subsequent field management and harvest mechanization. Therefore, our company adheres to the combination of R&D and introduction and demonstration, and gradually promotes Corn Sheller to farmers' vegetable gardens, reducing the labor intensity of vegetable farmers, increasing production efficiency, increasing farmers' safety production level, and the quality and yield of vegetables.

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