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Why Choose Transparent Lace For A Beginner

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Transparent Lace Wig is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, transparent lace wigs have been recognized as a trend in the market. As for the reasons for the upward trend of transparent lace wigs, let us explore together.

What is a transparent lace wig

The transparent lace front wig means the wig is sewn into a closure with 3 or 4 strands of virgin hair and lace. The imperceptible transparent lace penetrates into the base of the vent to give a natural scalp appearance.

Why choose transparent lace wig

1. The quality of hair and lace is better than the price

Transparent lace wigs are a kind of Human Hair Lace Wigs. The wigs are sold at different retailers at different prices, but the quality of the hair in Ruiyu Company exceeds the price. This is due to the affordable price and good quality products. The transparent lace wig is made of 100% virgin hair.

2. Clear hairline

Transparent buds are usually able to control various skin tones, which means that it is natural to wear a transparent lace wig regardless of your skin tone. Pre-pulling the natural baby hair at the hairline makes your wig a secret. The Natural Hair Wigs contains no additional materials or plastic, and is soft and easy to install.

3. Different styles

Transparent lace is just one type of lace. Transparent lace wigs generally include closed wigs, lace forehead hair, 360 wigs, etc. Different types of wigs can create different functions and styles for you.

4. High fault tolerance

Beginners choose transparent lace wigs, this will never go wrong, transparent lace wigs blend seamlessly with your skin. This is very inclusive for beginners to choose wigs.

What is the price of a transparent lace wig

Prices are not uniform, depending on the type and texture of hair. For example, you can buy Ruiyu 13×4 transparent lace front human hair wig 180% density curly wig 10 inches at the price of $109.09, using the 5% promo code, you only need $103.6.

Hope the guide is helpful to you.

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