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How To Open The Standard Dial Combination Lock

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   There are many tools in life that can be used to open padlocks. Maybe you don’t know a lot. So as a padlock manufacturer, here is a brief introduction to some related knowledge points. If you are more interested, you can take a look.

What are the common brass padlock in life?

   The comb itself is equivalent to a positioning unlocking tool, and the distance between the marbles of the lock cylinder cannot correspond to that of the lock cylinder or there are extra-long marbles inside the lock cylinder.

Hello, if you leave the car remote control in the car one day and the spare remote control is at home, you will find that it is really convenient to have a mobile phone. Use the mobile phone to dial the family’s mobile phone and take your mobile phone away. One foot away from the car door, and at the same time, the family member holding the remote control and pressing the unlock button on the remote control next to his mobile phone, your car door can be opened here. This method works no matter how far you drive the car from home.

The hydraulic pliers with standard dial combination lock can be opened. The padlock is a kind of anti-theft lock. The styles are C, E, SBE, G and other specifications. The MUL-T-LOCK lock is anti-drilling, anti-prying, anti-universal Key, anti-shear, anti-twist, E, SBE, C type padlocks also have water-proof fog and anti-icing properties. E-type and G-type padlocks can provide anti-shear cover performance, and C-type padlocks can provide shackle protection cover to further enhance the security and anti-theft performance of the padlock.

   This is about the tools that can be used to open padlocks that are common in life. If you encounter this type of situation in your home, you can take this approach!

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