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How To Take Care Of Highlight Wig


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Here is what you need to know how to take care of the highlight wig.

Quality of highlight wig in Wiggins Hair

The highlight wig in Wiggins Hair made of 100 human hair bundles. Natural human hair is actually more expensive than synthetic but its quality is also superior. As well as blending perfectly with your hair and looking naturally, these real hair wigs are versatile and, unlike synthetic ones, can be dyed and trimmed with the hair straightener or wave cutter. Also, natural human hair wigs are more durable and you can enjoy them longer.

Maintenance highlight wig

Human hair highlight wigs need special care. They should be washed with a mild shampoo and hydrated with the appropriate products. Apply hair removal and shine masks frequently. There are also special brushes with which you must comb your extensions to avoid damaging them. Take care of the styling products you use, they must be of high quality.

As followings are the steps for how to make proper care to highlight wig

Step 1: wash the best highlight wig in the right way

1.Comb or brush your highlight wig from the ends. According to the different hairstyles, please use different tools. Use the wide tooth comb on curly hair, but brush on the straight wave hair.  When the knots on the hair are free, you can work the way up to the roots until your brush or comb through it without snagging.

2.Put some shampoo into the warm water you prepare in the sink which you fill with water. Different hairstyles use different shampoo. Such as, if you want to wash your curly hair wig, you can use a shampoo made for curly hair. If your hair was dyed, you need to choose the shampoo which can protect the color-safe. Please don't apply the shampoo on your wig directly, it will damage the hair cuticles of your wig. You can use the soapy water to wash the wig. Remember that you had better not use the 2-in-1 shampoo, because the conditioner can’t too close to the hair roots, the same as our own hair.

3.Let the wig cap outside and place it into the water. Please let the wig cap outside and leave the wig fibers loose. This way can make the shampoo easy to reach the cap where is the most dirt, oils and sweat leave. Then put the wig into the water till submerge them, give the wig a gentle swirl to help the shampoo throughout the hair strands. Let the wig soak into the shampoo water at least 5 minutes in order to make sure that the wig is completely submerge in the water. Please don’t do too much thrashing, squeezing, and swirling which cause the hair get tangled easily.

4.Clean the shampoo by fresh warm water till all the shampoo gone. Please don’t use the hot water which will ruin the hair fiber. If your hair wig is thick, you can wash more. According to different situations use different ways.

5.Use some high-quality conditioner on your wig to nutrition it. If your wig is common hair weft sewing in wig, you can use the conditioner regular, there wouldn’t have any affection on the weft. But if your wig is lace front wig, please be careful about your wig cap. the hair strands are knotted onto the lace, if you use the conditioner on the lace, it will make the knots on the lace loose, then the hair should be falling. So you can use the hair conditioner by the wigs you use. In the market, there are many kinds of wigs, like lace wig, full lace wig, and lace front wig, the skill is different, so the way how to protect it is different.

6.Wait for 4-5 minutes, then wash the conditioner. Make sure the hair submerge the conditioner completely, so the hair can keep glossy and shiny. By the cold fresh water, clean the conditioner on the hair.

Step 2: dry your human hair highlight wig.

1.Put the wig cap to the right side and squeeze the water out gently by towel. When you squeeze the water, please don’t twist or wring the fibers. Because it cause the hair tangle or delicate to break. Never brush the wig when it is wet. The same reason.

2.Use a dry towel absorb the excess water. Let the dry towel cover the hair, press the towel to make sure absorb the water in the hair completely. After it, open the towel gently and remove the wig. If you have a long wig, make sure that the hair strands are smoothed enough, no matte and knots.

3.Spray some conditioning spray to the wig which can help the wig avoid tangle. Don’t be too close to your wig. If your wig is curly, you can use some mousse to make the wig keep shape.

4.Put your wet wig on the hair stand and let it dry in the air. Never brush your wig when it is wet which will damage the hair fibers. While your wig is curly, please use wide tooth comb or your fingers through out your hair.

5.If you are hurry to use your wig, you can use the blow dry, but make sure set the drier at the low temperature. Or it will damage the hair cuticles. When you use the hair dryer to dry the wig cap first, after the cap dry, you can place the wig onto your head. Fix it with bobby pins, finish blow drying the wig while it is on your head. If you want your wig have more volume, you can dry it upside down. This means let the wig cap outside, and let it dry first, clip the nape part of the wig cape to a pants hanger. When the wig cap dry, you can hang the wig up in the shower for a few hours to make sure it can air dry.

Of course, you can’t use the shower now. If the shower is not available for using, you can hang your wig some other place dry it natural without damage the hair fibers. A customer ask us that whether can dry the wig in microwave, of course not, it not only damage your wig, but also damage your microwave. Please be attention about this.

Step 3: make a hairstyle and maintain your highlight wig.

1.You can brush your wig when it is dried completely. Brush the wig from the ends to avoid tangle. If your wig is curly, you can use the wide tooth comb.

2.The hairstyle is not as good as what is before washing. You can use the curling iron make some curls or flat iron straighten your wig. All these curls will lost when you wash your wig again, so you can do the same easily. When you use the iron, please set the proper temperature.

3.When you don’t wear your wig, you can put it on the wig stand. In this way, the wig can keep good shape.

4.If your wig is dirty, you can re-wash it. Normally, after 2-4 weeks later, you can wash it. Washing more frequently is not good for the hair wig which will let it dry and matte. The wigs just as other products, the more you use, the less lifespan it is. The more you wash, the cuticles are damaged easily. So please make sure to wash it when it is necessary.

5.Using a highlight wig doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your own hair. Your real hair is covered inside your wig, so when your hair keep well, it is good for your wig. While your hair is dry, not too much oil, the wig can keep longer on your head without clean.

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