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How To Take Good Care Of Your Hair Wig

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After using a hair wig, people who use it should have the right way to take care of it. If the human hair wigs without proper care, it can be ruined immediately, let us see some general way to maintain

1. Use a wide-tooth comb from bottom to top of the wig

Good quality wigs are packed with human hair bundles and therefore contain many more strands than is normally found on the average human scalp. Therefore, the hair is prone to tangling regularly.

It is logical to assume that a bristle brush is the easiest way to detangle a human hair wig, but brushes should be avoided as they put too much pressure on the junction between the base of the wig and the strand of hair.

Always use a wide-tooth comb (gentler on hair) and comb from the ends of the hair up to avoid accidentally pulling out precious (and expensive!) Strands of hair.

2. Wash with specially formulated shampoo and wig conditioner

Many people assume that regular shampoo and conditioner are suitable for their real hair wig, but unfortunately, ready-to-use products may contain ingredients that can deteriorate the quality of the wig.

For example, too high an alcohol content can destroy hair strands; Remember, the hair strands of a real hair wig do not contain nourishing oils or proteins to replenish/restore hair.

3. Never use hot or boiling water to wash your human hair wig

Too hot water can negatively affect the quality of your real hair wig, so always use warm water when washing. Never twist or vigorously dry the wig with a towel, as you may inadvertently pull the strands.

It is better to blot up excess water with a towel made of natural fibers, eg.

4. Heating appliances should never exceed 180 degrees Celsius.

Like natural hair wigs, human hair wigs can also withstand hot gadgets such as hair dryers, hot rollers, hair straighteners, and curling irons. However, many heated ceramic appliances can exceed temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius, which can destroy or melt real hair.

In general, it is recommended that you never exceed 180 degrees Celsius, but always check the manufacturer's guidelines.

5. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and harsh weather conditions

This means that you should avoid exposing your wig to long periods of sun, as the quality of the hair can deteriorate and the color can fade.

Similarly, your wig should not be exposed for a long period to heavy rain or strong winds.

Always wear a headcover in extreme weather conditions, again, preferably made from natural material like 100% cotton or silk to better protect hair.

See, it is not complex to take care of the hair wig, with proper care, the hair wig can last long about 1 year. A good way to maintain it also save more money to purchase a new one. Every woman deserves a good hair wig.

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