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SysInfoTools SQLite Database Recovery 22.0 | 5 Mb
SQLite Database Recovery software provides you an excellent solution for SQLite data recovery. There might be numerous reasons behind the corruption of SQLite database file, and user may lose their crucial data forever. The Software employs an advanced algorithm for scanning SQLite database files created by SQLite2 and SQLite3 in an intensive manner.

After the successful scanning of the SQLite database, it presents a smart preview of recovered tables and other database objects. Via SysInfo SQLite database repair tool, user can save their entire recovered data into a new SQLite file as well as into MDB database. Being an easy-to-use application, it doesn't require any prior technical expertise. It contains an interactive GUI so that any tech-savvy or novice user can use this software with ease.

Most Prominent Features of SQLite Database Recovery Tool:

SQLite Data Recovery
SQLite database recovery tool can successfully perform data recovery from corrupt SQLite database files. It can restore text, numeric, integer, real, blob and many other data types from SQLite database within a few minutes.

Auto-Detect Information
There's a smart auto-detect feature in this software which can detect the information of selected SQLite database file automatically. The information includes file version, data stored format and page size.

SQLite Support
SQLite database has two versions: SQLite2 and SQLite3. SysInfoTools SQLite Database repair software supports database files created by both these versions.

SQLite Data Formats
SQLite stores all the data into a database file either in UTF-8 (ANSI) or UTF-16 (Unicode) format. SQLite database repair tool supports both these formats.

Tree-Structure Preview
Once the SQLite database is successfully scanned, it presents a tree-structure preview of recovered data which includes tables, indexes, views, triggers, etc.

Database Objects Preview
To check the preview of recovered data, user can click them one by one in the tree-structure. This SQLite database recovery tool will generate a smart preview of recovered data separately.

Column Mapping
If a user wants to save the recovered data into a new MDB database, then he/she must use the Map Column feature. MS Access database doesn't support some of the data types which are supported in the SQLite database. Therefore, users need to change the column mapping into such data type which is supported by the MS Access database. One can also change multiple columns mapping at the same time.

Smart Data Saving
SQLite database repair tool provides smart data saving feature, i.e. one can define what to save, how to save and where to save. Firstly you users can select the recovered data they want to save. After that, users can select the file format, either the SQLite database or MDB database into which they want to save the recovered data. And then, users can select the location where they want to save the new file.

SQLite Database into MDB
Sometimes the user may need to export the tables stored in the SQLite database into MDB format so that they can use them in the MS Access program. For that, users can simply use this SQLite Database recovery software and select the Save in MDB option during the saving process. This will export the tables into the MDB file.

Upgrade SQLite Database
By using this SQLite file repair tool, you can upgrade SQLite database. For example: if your SQLite database version is 2 and you want to save your recovered data in SQLite3, you can uncheck the Version 2 box. This will create a new SQLite3 database and the recovered data will be saved into it.

Interactive User-Interface
SysInfoTools Software designs all its applications with a user-friendly approach so that any user can use them with ease. SQLite Recovery tool contains an easy-to-use user-interface that performs SQLite data recovery very smoothly from start to the finish.

Operation Systems:Windows 11, 10, 8,1, 7, Server

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